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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PBB Teen Editon: A Review (well, kunwari lang.. =p)

For this post, magpapaka-entertainment writer muna ako, kahit hindi naman ako ganun. Wala lang try ko lang. Medyo natutuwa lang kasi ako sa PBBTE, baka nga ma-addict pa ako eh. Baka rin mag magustuhan ko pa ito kaysa sa PBB at PBBCE. Anyway, here's my take on Primetime Bida's latest baby.

For a show that was adjudged as a Star Circle Teen Quest in disguise, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition sure has generated a lot of interest.

It was predicted to be a flop for a number of reasons. One of which is that PBB has reached its saturation point. There's nothing more to look forward to, regardless of whoever lives inside Kuya's house. I'm sure that every Kapamilya will admit, PBB Celebrity Edition might have done wonders for the career of its Big Winner Keanna Reeves and the rest of the celebrity housemates, but its rating speak for itself. It wasn’t as hot as the first one.

So when word was out that there’s was going to be a Teen Edition, a lot of eyebrows were raised, including mine. Hehe! Like the reactions of other Peyups members, "Ano ba naman iyan! Ano susunod? PBB Geriatric Edition? PBB Batang City Jail Edition?" Other weird but funny versions were even suggested by Pepe Diokno on Inquirer Super! Add the fact that it hasn’t been at least a month since the last Big Night. So therefore, the viewing crowd wasn’t given enough time to actually miss PBB (which might generate much-needed ratings). By the looks of it, this teen edition was predicted to fail. Until its launch last April 23.

But it’s not to say that it has already succeeded. But for sure, early reactions and feedback definitely suggest that PBBTE isn’t as bad as we thought it would be. Its thread on Peyups suggests that a lot of people have a lot to say about it. Its pages doubled in just two days. Early ratings (well, if they were to be believed) indicate that it is putting up a strong fight in the battle for viewership. It might actually (take note: MIGHT) be ABS-CBN’s primetime savior.

(The entertainment writing exercise ends here. Haha!)

In fairness, SCTQ in disguise nga ito! The housemates have a high average on looks, for both boys and girls. The ugliest would probably be Bam & Mikki (at least para sa akin), but then, Bam’s humor can provide more pogi points is as Mikki is as white as your typical sosy kikay. Alam niyo naman sa kultura natin, nadadala ng kaputian ang kagandahan ng isang babae.

Its first two episodes are actually not bad. As expected, the teens behaved like, well, teenager. Haha! There was giggling for the girls and ogling for the boys. Sabi ko na nga ba eh, this early, mga crushes ang pag-uusapan. Napakabata talaga! Naka-irita kasi napaka-babaw ng mga napapag-usapan nila. Pero nakakatuwa din kasi naaalala ko iyung time na teenager din ako. Wala lang. Life was so simple, relatively. Problems weren’t as complicated. That was only two years ago, but I feel like these teen housemates are way out of my age bracket. Ganun na ba talaga ako katanda, or feeling matured lang ako? =p

My early bets are Jamilla and Aldred. Why Jamilla? Kasi teenage mom siya – but a responsible teenage mom at that. She’s not like other teenage moms na umaasa completely sa magulang. Iyung parang nagkaroon ka lang ng bunsong kapatid kasi parents mo ang sumsagot sa gatas at iba pang pangangailangan ng anak mo. For this, she already won my admiration even if she has froblems with fronunciation. Si Aldred naman, ewan, kasi siguro valedictorian din siya. I can relate (Haha! Ang yabang!). But I envy him because he knows how to cook! Langhiya, daig pa ako, Capampangan pa naman ako. Pero bakit kaya siya umiiyak sa episode kanina? Anyway, so far, my initial bets seem to be lost in the crowd. Parang hindi ko pa maramdaman ang presence nila compared to Fred, Nina, Gerald or Bam. Pero sabagay, it's only been two days.

40 days to go! And a lot can still happen in that span of time. My bets could change. Sana lang maging interesante ang mga challenges. Buti na lang at wala ako summer classes, makakapanood ako nito araw-araw, haha! Makapanood nga muna mamaya ng PBBTE Uplate. =)

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