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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Umayos po kayo!

Normally, I really don’t say anything about the news and the politics behind them, as far as this blog in concerned. But I really just want to comment on the recent incident where PGMA was heckled at the graduation rites of the Cavite State University.

For PGMA: if you’d think about it, you probably deserved being heckled. I mean, come on, let’s be honest about it. You’re not exactly a champion of education in this country. There’s no argument there. The annual decrease in your administration’s education budget speaks for itself. But in fairness to you, you kept your poise during that speech.

For Maria Theresa Pangilinan: I salute your courage. I maybe from UP, but I must admit I cannot call myself an activist. But still, I admire students like you who are passionate on their beliefs. I may not agree with your methods of expression, but still, I respect you for your courage. On the minus side, you were heckled by your fellow students for ruining their graduation. But yes, you must admit, you did stage an uncomfortable scene. You should've respected the moment of glory of your fellow students.

For the university officials: What were you thinking when you invited PGMA as Guest of Honor? I'm am not aware of whatever help she extended to your university, if there is any. But don’t you think it’s ironic to invite as Guest of Honor someone who is annually slashing the state subsidy to state universities like yours? Well, I'm sure you have reasons, but still, I think it’s greatly ironic.

Credit must be given to PGMA and Pangilinan for being able to show some civility during the handing of diplomas. That must have been a really awkward situation. I'm sure the people around them were very nervous as to what could happen if these two women would come to within centimeters of each other.

As for my own take on the incident as a whole – well, I wouldn’t have done what Pangilinan did. But that wouldn’t be surprising, right. After all, I have confessed I'm not an activist. It’s just that I feel like I should at least respect the solemnity of the event. I mean, it is graduation. It is a moment for the parents and the students. As the local singing contest says, it’s their time to shine. (Yak, corny! hehe… ).

Instead, this is what I would’ve done if I were a student at CSU and I was given a chance to receive my diploma from PGMA herself. I would just whisper to her when it’s my time with her on the stage – “Salamat po sa suporta ninyo sa edukasyon. Salamat sa budget cut. Nakatulong po ito nang malaki!...At kung pwede lang, please, pakiusap… Umayos po kayo!” Sasabihin ko ito sabay smile, syempre. At least this way, no messy confrontations (my fellow students’ graduation wouldn’t be ruined), but I get my points across (to its rightful recipients. Grabe, Kapampangan ka pa man din! Hmppff!). =p

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