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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blogs Galore! 10

Akalain mo, #10 na ang aking Blogs Galore! series, hehe.


So it's UPCAT weekend this weekend. (Parang ang redundant pakinggan). It always happens on the first weekend of August. Coincidentally, the year I took the UPCAT, August 5 & 6 din siya noon! Ang galing no? Whatever.

All week, persistent rumors were flying around if UP would suspend classes last Friday afternoon. Kesyo aayusin daw ang mga upuan para sa UPCAT, haha! Well, it didn't happen. Some classes were being 'cancelled' since Thursday, though. Because the professors / teacher / instructors are missing in action. Haha! Apparently, due to lack of personnel, some of our 'dear' teachers are being shipped to remote places to act as proctors for the UPCAT. Some, I heard, were even sent to Mindanao. Waw diba.


Thanks to our Smart Bro, I am now able to download and watch Ghost Whisperer episodes! While it is not as intriguing and engaging as Grey's, this Jennifer Love Hewitt starrer is okay. Considering that I am a Charmed fan, I suppose supernatural stuff does interest me. Well yes, every episode has its scare factor. Some situations are downright creepy if it would happen to you in real life. Don't worry though, even the faint in heart will be able to handle it.

What's weird though is that my eyes water everytime I watch an episode, haha! Putek, nakakahiya! Haha! Crying over a horror / suspense TV show? I mean, how ironically crazy is that?! Anyway, it happens during the part when the restless souls and those who survived them get all dramatic in settling their 'unfinished' businesses. Usually, it's about longing for forgiveness, words unsaid, missed chances, etc. Add the fact that mostly, it's about parents and their children and that one of them died.

Thank God, I haven't experienced a devastating loss in my family so far. Maybe that's why these kind of stories thug my heart. No matter how strong my personality is, I can't imagine if I can handle such great pain. Well, I've lost some dear cousins, aunts and uncles before, but I was too young to remember the pain. Besides, I still remember the good times I spent with them, and it's comforting enough.


The past week, I've found myself wanting to be alone many times. Halimbawa na lang, last Thursday, nag-yayang uminom ang mga orgmates ko. Normally, even if I'm not into drinking that much, I wouldn't say no. I would go but I'm not after the booze, I'm after the bonding.
But I said no, this time. Ewan, wala ako sa mood. Ni hindi man ako pinilit, haha! Kaya ayun, lalu tuloy ako naging determined na mag-moment na mag-isa, haha! Sumama yung mga roommates ko, kaya tahimik sa room pag-uwi ko, and I enjoyed the solitary comfort.

Basta, something was off during the week that just passed. It's one of those times when I'd rather be alone, but I want to be noticed, hehe. It's one of those moments when my self-esteem is strangely low and I feel unappreciated. The weird thing is, I don't know what triggered these episodes. I just hope that this will be over soon.

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