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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Niccolo Junior

Actually this post more than a week overdue as far as the topic is concerned. Pero naalala ko lang ulit kanina.

If you'd notice on my left panel, I indicated that the usual first impressions on me are snob, intimidating, etc. Hehe. Well, because there's a little truth to it. I am one sort of a snob in person. Never in my dreams will I be voted as Mr. Congeniality. It's because I've never been the chummy type who says 'hello' all the time. Kung hindi tayo close, well, edi hindi, walang problema sa akin! Haha! Because I HATE people who are PHILCOA - PHILing ClOse Agad, nyak nyak! Seriously, I am annoyed by these people. Why? I am not sure. Maybe it's because I also hate people who pretend more than what they really are. So there, hehe.

That's why I find it ironic when my friends in Friendster often write me testimonial saying that I am a very friendly person. Haha! Sabi pa nga ng isa, "nakaksundo niya lahat ng tao."

Well, in my own way, I guess I am friendly. But only when we are ACTUALLY friends! You see, I am only a snob to people who don't know me. As for those who are mere acquaintances, well, whenever I see them, I do acknowledge them by throwing them a smile or a 'hi'.

The main reason why I am judged as a snob is because I don't easily warm up to people. I'd rather keep quiet than say something stupid, hehe. Plus, I am a sarcastic person. I thrive on it, haha! I tend to use something sarcastic and make it humorous. That's why application processes in my org are always interesting for me. I'm one of the members that the young innocent apps would stay away from when it comes to asking signatures for their sigsheet, haha! Almost always, they are intimidated. Why? Haha! I honestly don't know. Because for starters, I may not warm up to them, but I don't terrorize them either. I'm just being me -- quiet and observant. Wala pa akong ginagawa sa lagay na yun ha, pero natatakot na sila sa akin, paano pa kay akung mag-taray pa talaga ako? Haha!

But the trick to getting through me is, once I warm up to you, ha! Warm up kung warm up! Haha! Because I treat my friends the way I want to be treated. (Sa mga enemies naman, well, ibang usapan na iyun, hehe.)

I always ask the applicants their first impression of me. And as expected, 'snobbish' and 'intimidating' are high up on the charts. It happens with every batch of applicants. That's why I admire those few who manage to approach me early on. Nakakatawa kasi, kinakabahan sila lagi, haha! Pero pagtakapos noon, okay na, hindi na sila nahihiya sa akin.

So do I care if people see me as a snob? Not really. Because like I said, these people aren't close to me, their opinion does not matter most of the time. Besides, I confident that people who really know me know better. And it's their opinion of me that matter. Besides, I have been trying to get rid of this snobbish aura since elementary and I haven't been successful so far! Haha! I might as well let it be. Because at the end of the day, wala naman akong ginagawang masama. As long as I don't offend anybody, there should be no problem.

So why am I pondering on this anyway? Ano ba ang nangyari recently?
Well, we have this applicant and as always, I asked for her first impression of me. What she said wasn't so nice but it was the funniest and most interesting first impression I have had in my entire life!

Sabi niya, "Para po kayong dictator of power..." Bwahaha! O diba? What she meant by that I am not really sure, hehe.

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