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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ethereal Afternoon

This afternoon is ethereally interesting. =p

So this afternoon, I attended the ACLE* of my org which was entitled, “Talking To Your Angels”. And yeah, the title says it all, because we invited a professor from the College of Architecture to be our speaker. You see, this prof was given the gift of being able to see angels. Yes, the beautiful people with the wings and halo.

Haha! But as we learned from Sir O (the arki prof), angels actually don’t have wings and the bright circle hanging above their heads. He says these creatures have this bright, colorful aura that surrounds them, which probably lead people way back from the medieval ages to think they had wings.

Our ACLE was like Angels 101. I learned what they’re here for. Let me share for you some of the interesting stuff I learned about angels.

*Angels will be with us forever. Even if we die, when we meet them on the other ‘side’, we will be spirits just like our angels.
*Duendes or dwarfs are actually the guardian angel equivalent for plants.
*Kids can really see angels. So those stories where children smile or talk even if no one is with them, it’s true, they were probably interacting with angels.
*Angels have all the right answers. All we have to do is to listen.
*Having been with us ever since we were conceived, our personal angels know everything about us. We cannot hide even our thoughts from them. They know our deepest dark secrets. BUT they never judge us.
*When there is a message that needs to be relayed to us, our angels will stop at nothing to get this message across. They may not talk to us directly, but they may use symbols or signs. There is no such thing as coincidence.
*There are different angels for different purposes. Individual people are not the only people who have angels. Even groups of people have their ‘group angel’. Organizations have angels. The government has an angel. UP has an angel. The different colleges have their own angels. Even our own barakadas have angels!
*Angels can take the form of anything, after all they’re spirits. They just take the form of human beings if and when they decide to manifest themselves to us, because it’s the easiest form we could relate to. It’s not like we will listen to them if they were shaped like blobs, hehe.

Sir O even let us meditate so that we can ‘get in touch’ with our own angels. We had this nature background music, with all the chirping birds and rustling of leaves. The aircon in PH211 was even dripping over a pail, so the sound of falling water was an added live background sound effect, haha!

Sir O said that during the 8 minutes of silent meditation, all of us in the room were able to go ‘somewhere’. Oooh, intriguing, huh? One of the participants shared that she asked her angel’s name and for some reason the name ‘Michael’ keeps on popping on her mind. Another asked her angel if her father who works abroad was okay. Apparently, her dad was indeed doing fine.

So was I able to talk to my angel? Well, sort of, hehe. I didn’t ask him** anything. More like, nagsumbong ako, hehe. I just went on and on telling him what’s been upsetting me while hugging him. Pagmulat tuloy ng mga mata ko pagkatapos, maluha-luha ako, hehe. I’ve always believed in angels kasi, so yes, I have a good ‘relationship’ with my guardian angel. In fairness, magaling siya, kasi never pa akong naaksidente or nahold-up, hehe. And I always thank him for that.

So there, if you have any questions, try asking them to me. Baka sakaling may mai-share ako based from what I learned from our ACLE.

*ACLE stands for Alternative Classroom Learning Experience. It where different student organizations, fraternities and sororities set up their own seminars / talks about just about anything. Topics range from witchcraft to self-improvement, sex to current events, etc. Classes in the afternoon are cancelled to allow the students to attend these ‘classes’.

**I used the pronoun ‘him’, but I'm not saying my angel was in masculine form (angels don’t have gender).

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