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Friday, August 25, 2006

I've truly made it!

My first ever blog post was launched for the entire internet world to read on January 2, 2005. So who introduced me into the world of blogs? Well, I'm not sure if she know it but it's Cyril Bonabente. She was my Tenpin Bowling classmate way back in sophomore year. (She is a Journalism graduate, so naturally, she was a very good writer). She posted her blog address on her Friendster bulletin. I checked it out and I wanted to have my own right away. And so, was born! I even didn't have a proper entry for it so my first ever blog post was the one and only fictional love story I ever wrote! Haha! Kumbaga, tinesting ko muna how blogging works, hehe. And so the rest is history.

And now, more than 1.5 years after, my blog is still alive! Whoopie! Hehe. Actually, on it almost died on its first year, haha! I wouldn't update it regularly because I didn't know what to write. The only reason I decided to seriously revive my blog early this year was because I had a serious rift with some people who used to be good friends, hehe. You see, I wanted to release all this anger I had for them and so this blog served as my outlet.

The rift is already over, but I haven't lost the zeal for using this blog as a personal and creative outlet. Because in my course, I cannot in any way hone whatever creative skills I've got, hehe. We deal more with keywords and equations, not words or actual sentences.

And so, I'm proud with I have done with my blog and how it has affected me. I've met many fellow bloggers whom I actually consider as 'friends' to a certain degree, hehe. Though my ranking isn't as high as before, it's okay. Kasi naman, hindi na rin naman kasi ako ganoon kadalas mag-blog-hop, diba, hehe. Give-and-take lang kasi yan eh. If you want people to visit on your blog, mag-visit ka rin sa kanila. I've realized that in the bloggosphere, the saying 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' is very applicable, hehe. 'A visit for a visit, a comment for comment'! =p

So eh ano naman ngayon? Honga naman. Wala lang. Because today, I got my very first 'hater' on my cbox, haha! Grabe, this means, I've truly made it, I am indeed a certified blogger. 'Someone' actually exerted an effort to try to degrade me, haha! Someone actually hates me for being me, hehe!

The Truth: You are such a *****! And 'matalino?' Ha! That's a laugh! I think otherwise!

Okay, so what now? Wala lang. Natuwa lang ako. Pero sa totoo lang, ano kaya yung 5 asterisks? You're such a bitch? You're such a ahole? sheet? fucks? Wahaha!!

UPDATE (August 26, 3.35pm): Oh well, I found out what '*****' was, it's 'b*tch' indeed, hehe. In fairness, the comment came from the Philippines, at PLDT ang connection na gamit niya! =p

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