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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Face to face?

Okay, before you read the rest of this post, promise that you will not judge my whole character based on this post alone. Please understand that each person has his or her own idiosyncrasies. This is mine, so deal with it. =p

I have a life-changing decision that I need to make as soon as possible. Actually, my deadline is on September 3, 2006. Because the following day, Westlife is going to have a concert at the Aranet Coliseum!

Bwahaha! I know you're probably thinking: ang baduy ko! Waaaa! =p But, is it my fault to be a huge fan of them, no matter how cheesy, mushy and uncool boy bands supposedly are?

As some of you who's reading been this blog at least since last May know, I've been a Westlife fanatic in my high school years. And man, that was eons ago! I was only 13 then, and you're probably thinking I didn't know what real music was back then, hehe.

This is the third time that Westlife will be in Manila. I wasn't able to watch them on their first time here, because I was in Bahrain at that time. But a year after, they came back, and I made sure that I will be able to watch.

Honestly, I didn't enjoy that concert as much as I should've. The waiting from lunchtime to showtime wasn't worth it. You see, I only had the Upper Box B ticket (P850), so it's free seating (meaning, the earlier I get in, the better chances for a better seat). Well, I got as close as the barrier would let me. I even had a pair of binoculars. But I HATED THE CROWD!! Ang ingay nila! As in sobra!

Yeah, I know it's a concert, so technically, the place should be noisy. Add the fact that probably 90% of the crowd are screaming doting girls who long for Westlife for their looks, haha! The 10% comprises the parents who accompanied their crazy daughters and weird statistical rarities like me. But why can't they just shut up especially during the performances and let us all hear the music that we all came for? Naku, yung katabi ko noon, gusto kong ihulog sa Lower Box, kasi sigaw siya nang sigaw! May birthday banner pa siyang dala (it was incidentally, one of Westlife's member's birthday).

But of course, I still enjoyed it, kahit papaano. But I promised myself that the next time they'll perform here, I'm gonna buy the more expensive ticket so I wouldn't have to put through with the crazy noisy girls again.

So now, I have this probably last chance to watch them. Hindi na nga sila kumpleto eh. And I still hasn't reserved a ticket. P3000 kasi yung price nang pinaka-murang reserve seating na ticket. Ayoko na kasing pumila no. I'm 21 for crying out loud. I'm not same old fan who would fall in line the whole day for a measly spot in the huge venue. I just want to enjoy the night and the music that would take me back to my high school years. Gusto kong pumunta ng Araneta, pumasok, manood, lumabas at umuwi nang walang aberya. That's all. No more hoping that through divine intervention, I would be able to meet them backstage. No more socializing with fellow fanatics, some of which even skipped work just to be able to watch, haha!

Anyway, wala nga pala akong pera for the concert. Gusto mo kong pautangin? Babayaran kita in 3 months, haha! =p

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