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Monday, August 14, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays...

"Hangin' around, nothing to do but frown
Rainy days and Mondays always get me down..."

Haha! This song is so appropriate for today! Well, it was already applicable on the day of PGMA's SONA, but I didn't notice it then.

I had no class today. Nope, classes weren't suspended. It just so happened that ALL of my classes were cancelled. Ansaya diba? Eh paano naman kasi, isa lang talaga ang class ko kapag MTH, hindi pa sumipot si Sir. Aaaargh! So there, in effect, my journey back to the city was a waste. Darn! Sana naman kung tinatamad siya eh ina-announce niya, para nakakapag-handa ako, haha!

So what did I do the rest of the day? I went home to fix my stuff and clean our room. Not only did I sweep the 3-week old dust, I even mopped the vinyl floor with soap and alcohol, haha! After that, I had a well-deserved late afternoon nap. After all, I only had four hours of sleep the night before and I labored to clean our dingy room.

I have no new stuff to share, so I thought I'd post some random things and updates:
* Remember my request for a phone? Well, the Jury finally meted out their decision, haha! Mama told me to buy a new battery for my 3660 instead of buying a new phone. Kasi nga diba, hindi na tumatagal ng isang araw ang charge (kasi naman, forward nang forward ng text, haha!). Papa told me instead to 'concentrate' on my studies because in the end, his N90 will be handed down to me when they go home for Christmas. Sayang! Hindi effective yung blog-drama, haha!
* I have a kras on BANGS and JUNNIPER of LET'S GO! Geesh, I'm so addicted to this youth sitcom. I haven't missed a single episode. Well, I have missed 2, but I eventually caught them on youtube. Sobrang nakaka-relate ako, kasi UP ang setting.
* Nagpaalam na ako kina Mama kung pwede ako manood ng Westlife concert. Haha! You might be wondering, I'm 21 and it's my money, what do I need the go-signal for? You see, it's true, it's my money and technically, I have every right to spend it the way I want to. But Mama would always nag me whenever she notices that there's a huge discrepancy between her estimate of my bank account and the balance that I report to her, hehe. Kesyo magastos daw ako masyado! Kung tutuusin nga, napakababa ng weekly allowance ko compared to what others have. Biruin niyo, since freshman year, I only so far had an allowance increase only ONCE, and it's only P100 (in consideration of the rising prices of fare). Kaya eto tuloy, I am forced to skip lunch by as early as Thursday (hehe, kung minsan lang naman, especially kapag nagStarbucks ako that week, hehe), dahil sa EVAT na yan! Haha!

Anyway, masyado na mahaba to. Next time na lang ulit. May bago na akong naisip na UNPOPULAR OPINION, hahaha! =p

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