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Friday, October 20, 2006

2nd Peyups artik!

Aack, my head was starting to ache yet again with all the phase-shift oscillator thingmajig I am reviewing about. So I decided to take an itsy-bitsy break. As always, I checked for new comments on my favorite thread on Peyups. After doing so, I was about to exit the Firefox window when by some divine intervention, I clicked 'Home' link of Peyups. Wala lang, I just thought I'd check out if there are new articles, even if I wouldn't exactly read them. First in line was this love story with a title that was familiar to me. A second after, it dawned on me: after more than a year of waiting, my second artik for Peyups was finally approved! Whoopie!!!!

Wala lang. Just wanted to share the good news, ehehe. Now, back to my reviewing. Darn, my artik's topic was SOOOOOOOO TIMELY! Hahaha! =p

PS. It really wasn't a love story at all. I don't know why it was categorized as such. =p

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