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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bluffs galore!

I can think of anything worthwhile to blog about right now. I have so many things on my mind! I would share them to you, but nah, it'll just bore you guys. So in the spirit of I-can't-think-of-anything-to-blog-about, I have this fun idea that I got from Benj.

The mechanics is simple. I write down statements about myself that may or may not be true. You guys guess which ones are purely figments of my imagination. Benj's version had 5 bluffs out of 15. But since my mini poll thingamajig from Bravenet only supports 10 options, I'd come up with 3 bluff statements out of 10. And I agree with Benj, this is so much funner than tags, hehe!

1) 26 HOURS - 26 hours is my personal record for number of straight hours being awake. I had an exam in Physics but I was too lazy to study the whole day before, so I was forced not to sleep instead to be able to review.

2) NGSB - I am not a virgin but I am an NGSB. Well, technically, she wasn’t my girlfriend. =p

3) TRUST FUND - I have a trust fund worth *insert 6-digit amount in PhP here*. I cannot touch it until I am 30. Duh, kaya nga trust fund eh! Haha!

4) PLANNER - I spent more than P2750 just for a planner for the year 2006. And I am planning to do it again for a planner for 2007.

5) WRITING CONTEST - In my entire 8-year stay in Don Bosco Pampanga (elementary & high school), I have won medals for dance, declamation, academic and singing contests. But never have I won a single one for essay-writing contests. To think that I write for the school paper!

6) DREAM JOB - My dream job is to be an international singing superstar. Being famous, having lots of money, traveling around the world – it’s the complete package for me.

7) BIRTHMARK - On my left thigh is a birthmark the shape of the island of Bahrain. Just so you know, Bahrain is where my parents are right now.

8) KALYO - Once during a field trip back in high school, I was injured in a swimming pool. There was this sharp-edged tile and it stripped off the kalyo in my left foot.

9) IMPORTED - The Philippines is my country of birth, but Nigeria is my country of conception. So I guess you could say that I am an imported good because I am ‘Made in Nigeria’.

10) POOPED PANTS - Up until I was in fifth grade, I still pooped on my pants. Guess I never learned my lesson that peanuts and strawberry milk for recess is not a very good idea, haha!

Ang hirap pala gumawa! Because I have shared so many weird stuff about me on my blog already, it's hard to think of anything interesting that I haven't divulged, hehe.

So there! Just vote on the Poll Question on my right side panel! =p
NOTE: Just choose 3! Anyway, the mini poll feature cannot automatically limit your votes to 3 only, so honesty is the best policy na lang, hehe! Good luck!

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