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Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogs Galore! 13

Geesh wow! It's only been 9 days, equivalent to one novena, and yet it freaking feels to be eons ago since my last post! Haha! So what have I been up to?

This is what we at UP Aguman call the nights before one of our major events -- the Pautakan (an academic quiz show). We call it Questions Nights because during these nights, well, we make what else, but questions! This year, for the second time after 3 years, my house hosted the said event from October 21-26. So that explains why I haven't been active in the bloggosphere. I can't concentrate on a decent post with lots of people around me, hehe. Plus, my internet surfing mainly consisted of researching facts and figures for the questions I am making. I am assigned leader for the General Information & Trivia questions. So I barely had time to attend to my usual surfing dailies.


It was held last October 27-29, 2006 at the Chevalier School. In case you care who won:
Champion: University of the Assumption
1st RU: Holy Family Academy
2nd RU: St Scholastica's Academy
3rd RU: Systems Plus College Foundation
4th RU: Chevalier School
Champion: Chevalier School
1st RU: St Scholastica's Academy
2nd RU: Mary Help Of Christians School
Haay, my Alma Mater, Don Bosco Academy was shut out completely, hehe. They didn't even join in the Elementary Division and they placed 10th in the High School Division.


Geesh, it doesn't even feel like one. Our Christmas Break is even way longer! Aynaku! Pautakan already occupied half of my vacation, but I really don't mind. I enjoyed it anyway, hehe. Now, what could I possibly do in 7 days? Well, 6 na lang, kasi for sure, hindi ako free ng November 1!

So there! Sorry for such a lousy update. The truth is, I didn't really wanna bore you with it, because I don't really think this would interest anyone who can't relate anyway, hehe. I'll cook up something better soon. Any ideas?

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