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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bluffs revealed!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the results post of Bluffs Galore! Okay, yak, corny ng intro, hehehe. But you get the point, I am finally revealing which among the statements I presented 2 posts ago are real and which aren't.

Yeah, I know, it's pretty embarrassing, haha! But it's true. You see, when I was a small kid, I really hated pooping in other places other than our house. So during the time when I stupidly eat explosive foods (read: foods that would make my intestines explode, haha), I stall by trying to contain it, up to the point when I just cant. Ewwww, it makes me shudder just to reminisce about it!

It was in the swimming pool of Don Bosco Mandaluyong. I was even brought to the hospital.

My 2006 planner is really worth more than P2750 because it is from Starbucks, hehe. Last Christmas season, I had to complete 21 stickers to get the planner, which means 21 Starbucks drink worth more than P125 each. So what I did was, for my Birthday treat, I brought my friends to Starbucks. That way, nakapanlibre na ako, may planner pa ako, hahaha! Anyway the other stickers were from receipt from my other friends.

It's true. Now if only I was that talented, eh? Haha!

Believe it or not, I do have a birthmark shaped like the island of Bahrain. Of course, it isn't 100% accurate, but the similarity overall shape of the island and my birthmark is uncanny. =p

I DID win essay-writing contests at school. And yeah, believe it or not, I also won a dance contest back in Grade 6, haha! Sabi nga ni Vinks, napaka-all-around ko naman daw. Well, yeah, when I was younger. I don't know why but when I stepped into high school, all my performing talents, disappeared, hahaha! Writing na lang talaga ang natira.

I was awake from 12nn Sunday to 2pm Monday. In that span of time, nakapag-simba at lumuwas pa ako ng Maynila. While achieving such feat may be amusingly good (waw, kaya ko pala yon!), it is detrimental to your image, haha! Leche, by 1pm, before ako matulog, mukha akong basahan sa pagod, ahaha!

And now for the TOP 3 choices.

Wishful thinking, haha! We aren't that rich no! Besides, even if I did have a trust fund, I wouldn't announce to the world. Baka makidnap pa ako, hehehe. But I do have a humble but rich friend who has a half-a-million trust fund that she could touch when she's 21. Siya na kang kidnappin niyo, haha!

Yep, my parents did make me at Nigeria, hehe! During the mid-80s, they were both working there, because Papa had an engineering job there. So my Mama and Ate (she was around 8) went along with him. Mama found a job and Ate even studied there with the other Filipino kids. They went back to the Philippines when I was around 7 months old in Mama's tummy. It is actually my theory why I am so into geography -- I was already a jetsetter before I was even born. =p

I had a girlfriend back in 3rd year high. And since the relationship was SOO high school, it didn't last long. But we've remained good friends. No for the virgin part, kayo na bahala mag-isip, hahaha! (Yeah right, dream on Rex, why would people even think you're promiscuous, haha!)

So there, you guys got 2 out of 3. Not bad! =p

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