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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of candle balls, dead people and being a dog

While the rest of ya troop to the crowded cemeteries tomorrow, I, on the other hand, will be sitting pretty at home already, hehe. You see, our family has already visited our dead this afternoon, while there ain't no traffic yet, no noisy people, no messy trash, no stinking wax smell, bwahaha! Okay, scratch that, I actually miss all of that, hehe!

It's been ages since we last visited our relatives, uhm, departed relatives, at Porac and Sta Rita. The reason why is a long but boring story, there is no drama involved. Anyway, but this afternoon, we finally had the chance to do it again. And it brought back a lot of memories from childhood. Aww, the nostalgia.. haha!

In the grand Filipino tradition, we used to be at my parents' hometowns each morning of November 1. Me and my cousins my age would even help out in picking the Sampaguita buds to be used on the flower thingies that we would offer later in the afternoon. And then, at the cemeteries, we would make it a contest on who can make the biggest and most beautiful candle balls, hehe.

Now, I don't get to do that anymore. And I kinda feel sad for my nephews, because they don't get to have the same childhood memories I have. They wouldn't know how it feels like to roam around the cemeteries, check out the names of the dead people, compute their ages, specualte on how they died, etc, haha! And most of all, they don't get to make candle balls! =p

As I looked around the familiar graves, I got to think of how it feels to be dead. You know, how sad it must be that the people you used to be always with only visit you once a year, hehe. I wonder how they spend their days and nights? Do they watch Pinoy Dream Academy? Hahaha!

Haay, how I envy them. Yep, you read right. I actually envy the dead. I envy that they don't have to go through life's bullshit anymore. How pathetic for me, huh? Hehe. Well, considering I used to envy my dog for being a dog whose only job is to eat and bark at any random movements around our house, envying humans, albeit dead ones, is an improvement, right? Haha!

Oh well, don't mind me, I am probably just tired or maybe it's just one of those days we're on a nostalgia and mush high. That's why I get to think of mundane stuff like envying our dog for being a dog, hehe.

Anyway, good luck on your own respective visits to the dead tomorrow! I am sure that for most of you, November 1 doubles as a clan reunion, right? Enjoy your relatives, both the living and the dead, hehe! =p

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