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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Top 10 Remakes

It's been a while since I had a Top 10 so I have come up with my personal Top 10 list of song covers. I have been listening to a lot of old songs recently and frankly, I don't know why, haha! Anyway, just a reminder, this Top 10 is based on my personal taste. Bash the songs if you want, but don't bash me for liking them, oki? =p

Original version: Kelly Levesque (OST - America's Sweethearts)
I am sure only a few of you have heard this song. I don't think it has even been released here. But it was released in the US, and since I am an American Idol and Carrie Underwood fan, naturally, I am aware of it. I wasn't even aware it was a remake when I was able to catch a replay of America's Sweethearts on HBO and I heard the familiar tune during the end credits. Wiki says Carrie performed this at the half-time of the 2006 NBA All-Star Game.

Some hearts, they just get all the right breaks
Some hearts have the stars on their side
Some hearts, they just have it so easy
Some hearts just get lucky sometimes

9 BELLEFIRE - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
Other versions: Expose (Original), Selena, MYMP
I like the studio version of Bellefire more than MYMP's. The all-Irish girl group Bellefire is managed by Louis Walsh, the manager of Boyzone and Westlife. They also have a wonderful cover of U2's All I Want Is You back in 2002. They were popular only in Ireland and Southeast Asia, with little recognition in the United Kingdom.

As long as the stars shine down from the heavens
As long as the rivers run to the sea
I'll never get over you gettin' over me

8 MOONSTAR 88 - Ang Pag-ibig Kong Ito
Other versions: Leah Navarro (Original), Carol Banawa
I heard this song performed by Yeng Constantino on Pinoy Dream Academy that's why I decided to download a version of it. And it's been constanyly on my playlist for 2 weeks now!

Ang pag-ibig kong ito
Luha ang tanging nakamit buhat sa'yo
Kaya't sa Maykapal
Tuwina'y dalangin ko
Sana'y, kapalaran ko ay magbago

Original version: Aretha Franklin
Having been infected by the McPheever last summer, this has got to be in my Top 10! Haha! Together with Kelly Clarkson's Walk Away, this song was my anthem of angst the whole summer. =p

You better think (think) think about what you're trying to do to me
Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free

6 MANDY MOORE - Drop The Pilot
Original Version: Joan Armatrading
It my favorite track on Mandy Moore's Coverage album. Honestly though, I don't have the slightest idea what the song is about, haha! It's just one of those songs you would love to sing on the shower or whenever you play pretent on your room when no one is looking, haha! =p

Drop the pilot, try my balloon
Drop the monkey, smell my perfume
Drop the mahout, I'm the easy rider
Don't use your army, to fight a losing battle

5 MARIAH CAREY ft TREY LORENZ - I'll Be There (Live)
Other versions: Jackson 5 (Original), Westlife
This is one of my favorite songs of all time, in terms of melody and drama content, haha! The song is perfect for lovers and best friends alike, right? Despite being my favorite artist of all time, Westlife's version sucked, big time! Haha! This song has been a US #1 hit twice, both for the original and the released unplugged version of Mariah Carey in 1992. It was a last-minute addition to her MTV Unplugged show setlist, as she had been informed that most acts on the show perform at least one cover.

I'll be there to comfort you
Build my world of dreams around you
I'm so glad that I found you
I'll be there with a love that's strong
I'll be your strength
You know I'll keep holding on

4 TAMYRA GRAY - Dance With My Father
Other versions: Luther Vandross (original), Celine Dion
I featured this song on my Father's Day blog back in June. And yes, during those emo-moments, this song makes me cry, hehe. This song was featured on the TV Series Boston Public.

When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet

3 DESTINY'S CHILD - Emotions
Other versions: Bee Gees (original), MYMP, Regine Velasquez
Destiny's version is the 2001 version. Okay, wala ako masyado masabi despite it being my #3! I just like the song and vocal curls of Beyonce on this song, haha!

It's over and done
But the heartache lives on inside
And who's the one you're clinging to
Instead of me tonight?

2 MYMP - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Other Versions: Kathy Troccoli (original), Milli Vanilli, Tommy Steiner
It was MYMP's massive hit from their Beyond Acoustic album. It was #1 on the MYX Hitchart for more than 4 weeks and #2 on the MYX Yearend Countdown for 2005. Kailangan ko pa ba iexplain kung bakit favorite ko to? I am sure that most of you like this song, anyway.

Why is that sad look in you eyes
Why are you crying
Tell me now tell me now
Tell me why you're feeling this way

1 NINA - Foolish Heart
Other versions: Steve Perry (original), Side A
This was Nina's biggest hit in 2003 and it is the first ever OPM song to reach #1 on the MYX Hitchart. If you ask me, I feel the success of this acoustic version paved the way of success for the number of acoustic acts that followed -- Jimmy Bondoc, Paolo Santos & Nyoy Volante, among others. Anyway, the video was amusing though. There was a free plug of Barbie's Cradle, haha! =p
The rest of the Top 20: Leigh Nash - Need To Be Next To You, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya & Li'l Kim - Lady Marmalade, Mariah Carey - Against All Odds, Sheryl Crow - The First Cut Is The Deepest, Westlife - Uptown Girl, Bellefire - All I Want Is You, Regine Velasquez - You Were There, Beyonce Knowles & Stevie Wonder - So Amazing, Bamboo - Waiting In Vain, Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi

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