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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Angas kung angas!

Ha! After three straight days of brand new posts to revive my blog traffic, there came another three straight days of silence, hehe.

The UP College of Engineering has a brand new shirt. Normally, the student council would sell college shirts only during our annual Eng'g Week every December. But for some reason, they've come up with an off-season college shirt. It's even cheaper than the usual, nice! =p

Anyway, it's called the Eng'g Angas Shirt. And my golly, upon reading what is printed on these shirts, you won't wonder for a bit why it's called such. It has 'angas' written all over it, haha! There are even two variants.

The first and lesser angas one says, "Eng'g pa lang ang sinabi ko, napa-WOW ka na!" Funny because, I actually get this all the time, especially when it comes to my GE classmates. Like for example, during group works, usually, everyone asks about each other's names and courses, right? And for a number of times already, some of them would say 'woh! Eng'g ka!', with matching hand gestures that seem to worship me. Haha! =p

The second variant is the ultimate epitome of angas! In fact, I am afraid to wear it to school because students from other colleges might throw rocks at me, haha! It says, "So what kung UNO ka, Eng'g ka ba?"

But before you guys think we UP Engineering students are really that arrogant, here's something you can snap back if you were a non-Engineering student: "Eng'g ka nga, SINGKO ka naman!" Bwahaha! But of course, this only applies to normal Engineering students like me, hehe! =p

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