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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Almost 6 times a week?!

I was waiting for my turn to pay the bill at Bayantel's office at Teacher's Village when I chanced upon a recent copy of Marie Claire. Yeah, I know, it was a women's magazine but it was one of their most recent readings. Good thing I found a REALLY interesting and intriguing piece. It was the results of a sex survey* given to 40,000 men in 42 countries, including the Philippines.

There were so many interesting topics! I tried to memorize them all, but it was already my turn to pay the bill, hehe. But from what I remember, here’s how Filipino men fared:

*Masturbation: #1 (national average of 5.8 times a week)
*Most sexually active (or something like this, I am not sure about the exact phrasing): #4
*Least faithful: #5
*National average on age of first sexual experience: 18.7 years old

I tried to obtain a copy of the complete list online but I can’t find any so far. I found a partial result on this online piece though.

Most faithful: Germany, Poland, Australia
Least faithful
: Brazil, Greece
Most sex in a week: South Korea

So what is my take on the results? Haha! I was really amusingly surprised that we were #1 on masturbation. I’d rather be #1 on sex than masturbation because I feel that too much masturbation is bordering on pathetic than being simply too horny already, haha! Almost 6 times a week! Ano yun? Sunday lang ang pahinga?!

I am not surprised on our national average on our ‘first time’. By 18 years old, we are already in college and most definitely that is where most of us get the chance, hehe. If I’d be surprised, it will be because I thought our average would be around 16 years old. Because back in high school, I know a lot of schoolmate who’s done ‘it’, hehe!

Lastly, I am sad that we are fifth least faithful. I can't believe Filipino men are that, uhm, playful, hehe. While I know some ‘boys’ who are definitely players, I know more ‘men’ who are definitely the faithful type. Or have I just been hanging out with the statistical outliers? Haha! Besides, I am the faithful type, so I am insulted! Deeply! Haha!

*Apparently, the international sex survey was conducted by Men’s Health magazine and the complete results are on their latest issue. I don’t know why Marie Claire was also able to publish the results. Maybe they are like sister companies, hehe. Kung sino man makakuha ng copy nito, please share niyo naman sa akin! Hehe!

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