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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Anyone but Jan Nieto!

Thanks to Jove Francisco for the Finale pic.

EDIT: Mau won! Woohoo! There is justice left in this world. =p

I voted for MAU as my Philippine Idol thru landline for 10 minutes nonstop, and I wasn't able to keep track how many votes I was able to give her. By the way, my sister (who pays the bills) has no idea, hehe!

I admit, on Loves Takes Time, Mau's timing was a bit off in many parts, especially during the chorus. But I think it was due to her effort to deliver a different version. But her Balul wasn't that bad, it was typical Mau -- amusingly trying to put soul on a weird song. But on On My Own, whoa! It was a fighting performance perfectly fit for the last performance for the night. It is the kind that will reverberate in your ears even after the show.

My runner-up is Gian. I do agree with Mr C, he is a world class act. But still, I think Mau deserves the Idol title better. His version of Westlife's Flying Without Wings had a weird arrangement, but one can still feel his signature passion in his rendition.

Aaargh, too bad Jan had to be in the Finale picture. I wouldn't comment on his own version of another Westlife song, because honestly, I switched channels during his turn, hehe. I really don't see what Mamita sees in him. He is not even that good-looking. But in fairness to him, he is indeed the most improved, because after all, like Mr C said, he started from 0. Whereas Gian and Mau started with a higher score and had less range to improve on for a perfect score. =p

In conclusion, I still believe that in the end, the good and talented will prevail in Philippine Idol. Yes, it was disastrous and disappointing on the way to the Finale with the early exits of equally class acts like Suey, Ira, Drae, Reymond, Arms, Apple and Pow. Jan, for his sake, must pray that he won't win. Because, come Asian Idol (yes, they say there will be one), he will be eaten alive by other national idols.

Please God, Mama Mary, even all the angels and saints in heaven, pati na rin ang Greek god of music na si Apollo -- anyone but Jan Nieto.

But personally, MAU for the win!

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