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Friday, December 01, 2006

When you're in love...

Setting: the Aguman tambayan at AS
Time: lunchtime

AguGirl: Eh kasi naman, are you sure that he likes you? Has he told you?
Girl-friend: Uhm, yeah, he likes me, he told his friends.
AguBoy: Sigurado ka ba? Baka naman nagbibiro lang siya..

I was seated beside them, solving a Level 5 Sudoku puzzle. In frustration at the puzzle I can't seem to solve, I couldn't help but make a comment about the love problem they were talking about. Besides, love ang topic! Everyone has a comment on love, whether good or bad. It's the best-selling topic ever! Haha!
Mind you, AguGirl's girl-friend and I aren't even that close, we're mere acquaintances, tapos bigla akong nakialam sa love dilemma niya, haha! Basically, they were talking about this boylet of hers for 17 months already. Meaning, this boylet has not done anything at all to bring their 'thing' to the next level. But apparently, Girl-friend has high hopes that eventually, her boylet does love her and will deliver in the end.

Rex: Oo nga naman. Because you know what, (English-speaking kasi si Girl-friend, she grew up in Switzerland), when we're in love, we tend to believe on things that aren't even there. More often than not, we give meanings to little gestures that the people we love do. Simply because we love them, and we want to believe that they want us too. So we give extra meaning to their probably just friendly gestures.
AguBoy: Oo, paniwalaan mo si Rex. He's speaking from experience.
Everyone but me: Hahaha!
AguBoy: Yes! Naka-1 point din ako sayo! Haha!
Rex: Hehe, sige na nga.. =p

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