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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 10 Thingies for 2006

I am sure that you're initial reaction to my title is, "Huh? Ano daw?" Haha! So to help you out:

thingy (plural thingies) (synonym thingamajig) noun: a word used when the proper word for something is not known

For this post, the thingies I will be referring to are all hobbies, events or trends (not necessarily new) that if encountered years from now, will automatically remind me of 2006.

10. Watching movies -- alone. I really don't mind. It can be an advantage really, I can watch movies that I am ashamed to invite my friends to because I don't want to be branded jologs, haha! Kidding! But seriously, I usually do this when I am bored, and often it is a spur of the moment. The movies I watched alone in 2006 are: Close To You, Hostel (so not worth it!), Ice Aga 2 (so worth it!), American Dreamz (not worth it), The Devil Wears Prada, You're The One, The Guardian and Inang Yaya (the best one!).

9. An upsurged interest in cooking. I am a Kapampangan, and yet at 22, I still don't know how to cook that many dishes. Although, I tried and succeeded in cooking spaghetti for my org, remember? Hehe! I haven't duplicated that success so far though, but I really want to try the creamy mushroom rice recipe on the December spread of our Kusina-bilidad Calendar, hehe! When I have enough time already, maybe after I graduate, I will learn how to cook one basic dish at a time!

8. US TV Series marathons! (For a related previous post, read here). Grey's Anatomy. Desperate Housewives. Heroes. House, MD. Prison Break. Lost. Smallville. I actually feel I am close friends with these people, hehe!

7. Trends in forwarded jokes. 2006 saw at least 3 different waves of breeds of forwarded jokes, all made possible by Globe Unlimitxt. First, there was the knock-knock-sort-of jokes where everyday words or phrases morph into people's names or lyrics of songs. Second, there was the quotes from inanimate objects or weird characters. Lastly, months before February, pick-up lines or romantic punchlines seem to be the latest trend in SMS forwarding.

6. American Idol / Philippine Idol / Pinoy Dream Academy. These are the reality TV singing competitions that I religiously followed. I even refused to attend social gathering all for the sake of major episodes of these shows, hehe! Only my American Idol bet Katharine McPhee didn't win it all. =p

5. Jogging! (For a related previous post, read here). Since November, I've been jogging around the UP Diliman oval at least once a week to jog and try to shave off my tummy! Hehe!

4. Rifts with people. This was the worst year of my life, when it comes to relationships with my friends. Wait! Correction -- with my so-called friends. But, gladly, it's over now. It was definitely painful, but nevertheless, now I am armed with lots of lessons learned. And I'll stop at that, hehe.

3. Renewed faith. Personal and academic supertyphoons lead me back to my Creator. In terms of numerous miracles, I guess 2006 is the best year of my life. =p

2. Starbucks. I am officially addicted. I just had one before dinner, hehe! Haay, damn attractive planners! Hehe! (For a related previous post, read here).

1. Blogging! Bloghopping! Because of my blog and my blogging, I am Times' Person of the Year! I have met quite a number of decent online buddies (I am even textmate with some!). I received a $30 check. I was forced to informally learn HTML and CSS (who knows, someday this may be professionally useful to me). And most important of all, I was able to express myself freely, through a free and hassle-free medium at that (well, not counting the electricity and internet bills, hehe), something we should all do, don't you think?

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