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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top 10 material things I would love to receive for Christmas!

Yes, I really had to specify the 'material' qualifier. Because come on, who wouldn't want to receive a fabulous gift, right? Haha! Even if it really isn't our birthday, come Christmas, it's like all of a sudden, whether we've been naughty or nice, we earned the right to a wonderful gift. =p

And since it's 23 days til Christmas (and 12 days til my 22nd birthday, hehe!), here's my material wishlist, just in case one of my friends would snoop around for an idea on what to give me, hehe!

In no particular order (and mind you, this is on-the-spot):

1 Starbucks Christmas coffee cannister (P385) - Well, yes, I already have one which I received on my last birthday. But, it brings back a lot of ugly memories, so I don't want to use it anymore. I literally get upset everytime I drink from it. Anyways, I want the red one with the white characters that line the bottom! Haha! Para astig, all year round, it's Christmas whenever I drink my coffee. I still can't decide between the venti size (P450) and the grande size (P385). Because usually when I drink coffee, maramihan talaga. Hindi uso sa akin yung pa-tasa-tasa.

2 Starbucks 2007 Planner (21 stickers) - Well, 5 down, 16 to go! Haha! Each sticker is equivalent to one Starbucks drink, regardless of size. The only reason I can afford this is because sinasabay ko siya kapag nanlilibre ako for my birthday. Nakapag-libre na ako, may planner pa ako! =p

3 Nokia N93 (approx P35,000) - Of course, who wouldn't want such a high-end phone, if only everyone can afford it, right? Haha! Hihingin ko na lang yun N90 ng tatay ko! Hindi naman niya naappreciate yung functions nito eh! Hehe! He doesn't even know how to type a text message! =p

4 Friends DVDs, All seasons (P???)
- I've been wanting to buy these for ages. Problem is, I don't know where I can buy one! Kahit pirated, pwede na, hehe, basta clear copy. =p

5 Clothes (P400/top)
- Bench or Penshoppe -- they're the only decent clothesline that I can afford. Again, it's been ages since I last window-shopped. Because I am afraid that if I see a really good top, I would be able to convince myself that it's okay to buy one, even if I already have loads of shirts. Honestly, luho na lang talaga kung bibili pa ako.

6 A box of Ritter Sport Praline chocolate (P63/bar )
- Or any other brand, basta praline! The new Kit Kat Temptations Hazelnut Praline would do, at P32/bar. Oh god! I'm so salivating right now. Buti na lang kabinili ko lang nung Kit Kat kanina! Haha! I wanted to taste one, so I bought one for a midnight snack.

7 Ice Cream - Brazo de Mercedes or Caramel Banana flavor (P300)
- EDIT: Ayoko na ng scented candles, haha! Comfort food alert! Haha! Wala lang, gusto ko lang matikman ang umubos ng 1 gallon in one sitting.

8 Jogging pants (P200?)
- it doesn't have to be branded, for as long as it's comfortable. I'm into jogging these days, and it helps to have the right and cool gear.

9 Sony DVD-Rs (P20/piece)
- Sony, kasi namimili tong DVD-writer ko eh, kainis! Anyway, I need these to burn the TV series on my laptop - Grey's Anatomy Season 3, Desperate Housewives Season 3, Ghost Whisperer Season 1 and Smallville Season 6. And I want to have a copies of House Seasons 2 & 3, Heroes Season 1, Prison Break Season 2 and Lost Seasons 2 & 3. Phew! It's as if I have no thesis project for this semester! Haha!

10 Lots of money (PPPPPPP!)
- So that I can buy gifts for my family and friends. Naks! Honestly, I get the blues these days because I wasn't able to save enough money for some Christmas shopping (partly because I know I don't really need to). But more so because I have no budget for gifts for people dear to me. I really want to give them even just a little something (eg, a chocolate or candy bar). Problema pa naman, kung mag-reregalo ako, andami nila! Haha! Tuwing Pasko talaga, sometimes I wish I didn't have too many friends, haha! Anhirap i-trim down ng mga taong bibigyan ng regalo eh!

Finally, natapos din! So how about you guys, what do you want for Christmas? Huwag masyado demanding ha. Remember, it isn't your birthday. Think first what gift you can give Him, before you ask anything from Him. It's His day, nakiki-epal lang tayo sa saya! =p

EDIT: Oo nga naman, I told you guys to not be too demanding. Look who came up with an expensive list, ahaha! Actually, I don't really crave for these things. Just so you know, if I don't get them, my Christmas wouldn't exactly feel less happier. Dahil kung totoong Christmas wish lang ang apg-uusapan, hindi mga ito ang talagang gusto ko. =p

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