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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whatch your Chrishmash wirsh?

This phrase is so famous these days, isn't it? And for some reason, all the cute kids I see all seem to named Andres, hehe!

So Wekshie, whatch your Chrishmash wirsh?

For myself: Focus -- on the right things, on the right magnitude. It's just that when I am all ready to devote my time on some important matter at hand, fate has a funny way of messing everything up, hehe, distracting me with, uhm, let's just say 'trivial' stuff.

For my Ate Joi: that she find what she's looking for. Naks! (She reads my blog so I know she'll see this). I know she has dreams that's been on hold when she started her family about 8 years ago. I pray that she gets the chance, that it's not too late to chase these dreams. Ganoon na rin kay Kuya Dennis, hehe.

For my parents: that they enjoy their vacation here in the Philippines, hehe. With my 3 little nephews' antics, I have no doubt they won't enjoy themselves.

For my country (and its people na rin siguro): (Naks! May ganito talaga? Wuy, seryoso to guys, hehe) that incompetent leadership, misguided principles, poverty and natural disasters stop raping and tearing her into pieces. (Aaaaa, nalulunod ako sa lalim, haha!)

For my friends: Hmm, hindi ko an siguro ilalagay dito. Kasi hindi niyo naman sila kilala, hindi niyo rin mage-gets ang mga hirit ko sa kanila. Wirsh ko na lang in general for them, is that we would all still be friends when we're way way older.

Two days to go before Christmas, I am lucky to so blessed. I have a Mommy, a Daddy and a whole lot more, what more could I wish for?! Hehe! But seriously -- I DON'T HAVE EVERYTHING, but with what I have, I can't complain at all. How I wish I did had everything, just so I can give the excess to everyone else. And mind you, I know a lot of people who are in need.

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