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Monday, December 18, 2006

Top 10 signs that my folks are home indeed

FYI, it's just me and my sister's family here in the Philippines for most of the year. Papa works in Bahrain and Mama lives there with him. And it's been like this for the past 8 years. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course, but I'll save that for another post.

Anyway, so last December 13, my folks finally arrived home for the Christmas holidays, the 3rd consecutive time in 20 years that our whole family is complete! Yipee, right? Well yes. But the thing is, I have grown used to them being not around so during their vacation, the changes that their existence around the house can be quite amusing and sometimes, annoying, hehe! Home is very different when they're around. Here's 10 reasons why:

(In order, based on my own criteria, hehe!)

10 Our Mazda 323 becomes too small for us. We have 2 vehicles -- the said Mazda car and an old (and I mean 1.5-decade-old, but well-maintained) owner jeep. But of course, in times of travel, who would want to use the owner, right? It's like we're participants in a car-stuffing contest! We're 5 adults and 3 kids all in all. Kamusta naman kung sasama pa ang kasambahay namin diba? Haha!

9 I can't just leave the house. Without parents that constantly monitors my whereabouts, I am almost completely independent. All I have to do is just inform my sister whether I will go hoome or not. The time is never an issue, hehe! But not when my folks are here. Not that they're strict. But now, I have to at least, by default, 'ask for permission'. Unless they have planned for us to go somewhere, I am always given the go signal.

8 We visit my grandma more often. Apung Mila (father's side) is my only surviving grandparent. Apung Berang, Ingkung Val and Ingkung Pinong have all beaten her to St Peter's gates. Understably, Papa visits her quite often at Sta Rita, his hometown, given that he's not 100% sure that on their next vacation, our lola would still be around. My visiting rate for Sta Rita of less than 2/year accelerates to 1/week when Papa's around.

7 We get to have seafood for ulam more often. Apparently, heart complications runs in my father's bloodline. And he was no exception. That's why he's been on a healthy less-meaty diet for years now. And since he's the boss, hehe, he gets to dictate what food we eat. And so I am re-acquainted to Mr Hito, Mr Bulig and Mr Insert-Native-Fish-Name-Here in mind you, a lot of ways, not just the prito-style.

6 I don't have complete control of the TV remote and the newspapers. Like I said, Papa is the boss of all of us, hehe. His turn on anything always come first. On the newspaper, I don't mind, he wakes up way earlier than my anyway. But the TV, aaargh, at times it can be frustrating. Take for example last December 16. It was the Grand Dream Night of Pinoy Dream Academy, an event that me and my nephews (and our maid) have been waiting for all week. But alas, Papa chanced upon the live coverage of the local Ligligan Parol (Giant Lantern Festival) at a local cable channel. So he took control of the larger TV. So the rest of us had to settle for the smaller screen at the master's bedroom. It turned out, only Papa watched the lantern festival screening at the large sala, while the rest of us cramped on the master's bed to watch Yeng become the Grand Star Dreamer, hehe!

5 I am being nagged. Aah, the bittersweet voice of Mama, haha! "Linisin mo ang kwarto." "Ayusin mo yang kama mo." "Baluktot na naman ang mga balikat mo." "Kumakain ka na naman ng chocolates, kaya hindi na naubos mga pimples mo." "Anong oras ka na naman matutulog niyan?!" "Iligpit mo nga nang maayos yang mga gamit mo!" "Oh Reeeeex! (insert trivial pag-uutos here) " And the list goes on. Need I explain? Haha!

4 Over the table discussions are way way louder. And often I would hear the phrase, "Ang mga Pilipino talaga, (insert a hasty generalization here)..." I think I got my being opinionated from Papa. Gawd, sometimes, he knows more arguments on local politics and local news more than me, when he is thousand miles away! Haha! But you know how fathers are, sometimes they can be close-minded. If you have a different say than then, yous is usually is the wrong one, hehe. Often, Papa can be downright unfair, with his fierce bashing of the Filipino race. Well, unfortunately, he is not without a valid point, hehe.

3 There is abundance of food! -- from the stuff and goodies that they brought from Bahrain to the stuff that they buy here. Our ref is never bare when they're around, hehe! There is always fresh milk, there is always bread, there are always snack items! And of course, there's the seemingly never ending supply of chocolates. So yes, Mama's
"Kumakain ka na naman ng chocolates, kaya hindi na naubos mga pimples mo" line is not completely unreasonable, hehe!

2 My nephews are in bilmoko mode. It's that time of the year that my nephews are spoiled to max. I think my folks have heard of the joke that grandchildren are a parent's best revenge to their children. Haha! Toys here, there and everywhere! Samantalang ako, *sob sob*, ako na anak nila, *sob sob*, kung anu-ano lang ang ibinili nila.. Joke lang! Haha! N90 lang naman at isang bagong Swatch watch, hehe! =p

1 I sleep on the floor. Yes, poor me, hehe! You see, our house only has 3 rooms - the master's bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms for me and my sister. But since both my parents are away, I occupied the master's bedroom while my bedroom was assigned the maid's quarters, hehe. But when the real masters of the house are around, I cannot simply re-occupy my own room. So I am forced to contend with a matress on the floor for almost a month, hehe. This I don't mind. What I do mind is that sometimes, I can't have a personal space in the house anymore, you know, for the times when you want some quiet time.

So there! I sure hope you won't think that I hate that my folks are around, hehe, because I don't. Life is way better when they're around, figuratively and literally, hehe. Besides, during the times that I am annoyed (come on, it's normal right?), I just think of the fact that in a few weeks time, I am the boss of the house again, hehe!

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