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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yeng won!

Well, if you've been a PDA fan, it really isn't that suprising, hehe! The signs were everywhere.

A massive hit song way months before the Grand Dream Night courtesy of Hawak Kamay.

A face that is a cross between Sheryn Regis and Maja Salvador, with shades of Jackie Aquino (Jackie who? Haha) on the side every now and then.

An early prediction/comment from the headmaster himself that Yeng has a good chance of winning this.

Her own personal debut party, all expense paid, I can only assume, by the PDA management. Geesh, this is practically the announcement of the Grand Star Dreamer, hehe!

Don't get me wrong, I am rooting for Yeng, together with Jay-R. So it's absolutely great that my top bets won the top prizes. But like people say, Pinoy Dream Academy is Yeng's contest to lose, hehe! Her win is too obvious months before the finale.

Yeng may not be the most original (style is so Avril Lavigne with a shade of Hillary Duff, face, like I said by Maja and Sheryn, and songs as appealing to the masa as Lito Camo's). But for me, Yeng is the total package -- when you weigh in the talent and personality together.

At kamusta naman, napakaliteral ng 'tuktok ng mga bituin' sa theme song ng PDA, haha! Feeling ko tuloy, may fear of heights si Yeng kaya siya lumuhod habang siya ay naka-taas. =p

Geesh, Saturdays will never be the same again. This is one school I will definitely miss.

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