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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Go forth and Multiply

Friends in the bloggosphere, is up!

Yeah whatever.

So why did I sign up for a Multiply account? Uhm, to download songs? Haha! Pirata talaga eh no! As I have mentioned in a post eons ago, I use Limewire to download hard-to-find songs. But lo and behold, Multiply is a recent discovery for me! Downloading is straightforward, no extra waiting time or secret code to type in, hehe. Pasensya na ha, natuwa lang talaga ako sa Multiply. Hindi ko kasi masyado pinapansin to dati, I thought having a Friendster and a blog is enough.

Anyway, this will still be my main 'site'. I will only use the Multiply account for music purposes, hehe. Speaking of which, if you want me to upload a specific MP3, let me know. I have 3500+ mp3s (Foreign, OPM, Westlife -- yeah, separate folder pa talaga siya, haha, and American Idol performances from Season 4 - Season 5). So far, I have uploaded five Christmas songs, hahaha! =p

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