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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blogs Galore! 14: Music Edition


Face To Face
wasn't exactly a flop, after all there was a week back in November 2005 when Westlife held the UK #1 on both the Albums Chart (with Face To Face) and Singles Chart (with You Raise Me Up) on the same weekend. But realistically speaking, they're not as popular as before. They don't top the countdowns anymore, hehe. I really thought they would soon disband. But lo and behold, when they performed in the Miss World 2006 Final last September 30, I learned that they would release yet ANOTHER album! The question for a loyal fan like me is: am I going to get a copy? I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW, hehe! But I think my answers borders on NO, because after all, I have already downloaded all 11 songs from the yet to be released album, thanks to a British Multiply account, ehehe!

The Love Album, is another theme album for Westlife -- it features legendary love songs from decades past. So yes, it's all revival. No suprise there, hehe. I am listening to the album right now, and I must say, it's actually good. I must confess, I was actually cynical of yet another purely revival album. But now, I am actually really loving most of the songs. After listening for 2 iterations, my favorites so far are Total Eclipse Of The Heart, All Out Of Love, All Or Nothing (a boyband reviving another boyband's hit? I think this is a first, hehe) and Easy. My overall assessment is while this won't birng back the glory days of Westlife, it will be a treat for their fans.

Thanks again to Multiply, hehe, I download Jojo's new album The High Road. You must be wondering who the hell is Jojo, hehe. She is the wholesome mirror image of Lindsay Lohan who is actually a far far better role model for teenage girls, hehe. And she has superior pipes to boot! =p Contrary to the teenybopper image she may seem to project, her music is far from being bubblegum pop. Of course, it is still mainly pop, but it's not the kind of pop that would make rock or R&B fans puke. Her latest single Too Little, Too Late, which thank God (because finally, she is getting the credit she truly deserves, more than what Lindsay Lohan gets) is slowly but surely becoming popular in local radio stations was my LSS for two whole months! She is that good. Well, at least for my taste, hehe.

This show is my guilty pleasure each evening! Even my nephews have noticed and commented how addicted I am to this show. When there was a temporary power interruption this afternoon, one of my nephews teased, "Hala! Hindi ka na naman makakapanood nung pinapanood mong A!" At first I didn't get what 'A' he was referring to, until he clarified it for me, "Yung ano, yung pinapanood mo pagkatapos ng Maging Sino Ka Man". Haha! He was actually referring to PDA and he called it the 'A' because on the show, the green with white spots capital letter 'A' was a prominent symbol on the screen.

Anyway, I prefer it more than Philippine Idol these days. Because you see, when I learned that ABS-CBN would launch PDA to compete with PI, even if I was a Kapamilya, I was pissed off. But with one disappointing result after another on PI, I have officially made the switch, hehe! So why do I like it? Well, I am not after the drama, I am actually after the class discussion, especially with Direk Joey Reyes. In fairness, for us music lovers (even for some of us who don't have the talent, hehe), the show is quite educational. And the marked improvement on the scholars is a testimony to that. At the start of both shows, PI was far superior in terms of talent vs PDA. But nowadays, more PDA scholars are giving the likes of Mau, Gian, Apple and Pow a run for their money. So far, my top bet is Yeng. She hasn't officially nailed the top prize yet, but she is already a certified hitmaker. My other favorites are Chad, Jay-R, Joan and syempre, Nyora Rosita! Hahaha! Panalo talaga ang mga moment at hirit niya. Take for example her comment on their November 1st Yoga treat: "Simply, deeply... relax." O-ha! =p

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