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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Early Christmas Cheer!

For reasons I can't explain, I have been bitten by the Christmas bug quite early this year. Well, for starters, I already started playing Christmas songs since the start of October. Then by mid-October, I already set my message alert tone to a Christmas tune -- The Sound Of Life by Jose Mari Chan. (FYI: I change message alert tones on a monthly basis, often based on the theme of the month). And now, for the first time in my four-year stay in our apartment, I have placed some Christmas decors in my rusty old double deck. Mind you, I used my own allowance to buy these decors because I figured that the Christmasy feeling that these will bring will be worth it. I even already bought more decors for the rest of the apartment! So I guess, you can conclude that indeed, I am looking forward to Christmas this year. And I find it really weird that I do! =p

I only have silver bead garland and a couple of blue flower bouquets.
Simple lang ang design, haller, ano ba naman kasi ang pwede mong
idecorate sa isang double deck bed diba? Haha!

I wasn't exactly a grinch just because I didn't use to look forward to Christmas in the past as much as I do now. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Christmas -- the school break, the food, the gifts and aginaldo, and of course, the general feeling of peace and good will (admit it, come Christmas season, people have extra reasons to be nicer than usual). Add that fact that my family is complete during this time.

But this year is different, so different. Again, for some unexplainable reason, I appreciate Christmas songs more. I still want to do some Christmas shopping but I don't have the same passion for it anymore. It's like the actual superficial Christmas-related material things (eg, shopping, receiving gifts) aren't that much of a priority anymore. I just have this urge to spread the uhm, Christmas cheer? Haha! Sorry, I can't describe it. Basta! I just feel good about Christmas this December, like I have this hunch that this coming Christmas will be more special than before -- special not only in terms of better gifts or more aginaldo and the likes. Ah! It's the kind of special that is more meaningful. Naks! Multiply to that the fact that I am also very excited about my birthday this month! Haha! =p

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