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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nagpapaka-health buff

For the guys out there, do you read FHM? Well I do. But do I buy my own copies? I haven't yet, nakikibasa lang talaga ako! Haha! The last glossy magazine that I bought was a UK music magazine called Top Of The Pops and it cost P300 when it's imported here. And even that was eons ago. But last Tuesday, I bought my first copy of Men's Health. Gawd, I could hear the guffaws on your side of the internet already, haha! And for more weird behavior on my part, I jogged around the UP campus last Wednesday. Believe me, that is SOOO not me! =p

So why the sudden health-conscious mode? I am not sure. But what I know is that I've always wanted to get rid of excess tummy fats, hehe. I mean, come on, I don't drink, so I have no excuse as to why I seem to have a beer belly as this point in my life already. Last summer, because of the abundance of idle time, I started doing regular sit-ups. In fairness, I achieved some promising results. But when classes resumed in June, I didn't have time to continue the routine so my dreams of even just a shadow of a four-pack officially went down the drain.

So now, for some weird reason, I bought a health mag. And there's this article that says three 30-minute cardio (walking, jogging, running or swimming or a combination of these activities) exercises a week not only improves my health but my mind as well. Studies show that it improves the performance of our minds, which may help us perform better at work, or in my case, school. And since it I have a thesis and it's my last sem, I figured I need all the help that I can get. So I started jogged the next day, hehe.

It actually felt good. Well, not that I already feel that I lost an inch of waistline already, hehe, but it feels good to be finally taking steps to look out for my health. Because I know that when I am much older, I will be sick a number of times and I don't want to regret not taking care of my health sooner.

I just hope this new health-buff twist to my character is going to be for good. I mean, I don't want to super duper hunky, I just want to be healthy, to be fit. But if it also helps make me attractive, why not! Haha!

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