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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Commercial Thoughts! 1: RevewMe

I have always believed that getting paid for doing what you enjoy is one of the best things that could happen to you. Passion is what drives us to do things and the fulfillment we get from it is already enough for us. But it wouldn't hurt to earn even just 'a little' while we're at it, right? Therefore, I wouldn’t mind if I earn from my blogging. At least finally, I have a valid defense whenever Mama would dissuade me from ‘wasting’ time with blogging, hehe!

Kapampangans are well-known for being noisy and opinionated. In a crowd, the Kapampangan would most likely be the noisy one, conversing with his/her seatmate, talking just about anything under the sun. We seem to have a gift for observing things that other people don’t – in short, mahilig talaga kaming pumuna at mang-okray, haha! And I am not an exception. =p That’s why this blog teems with my own personal opinion on the world around me, even the unpopular ones. After all, no opinion is wrong or right.

I have always had sponsored ads when I set up this blog of mine almost two years ago. Well, I never expected to get any from it, because I knew that my blog traffic isn't that high. I tried it out anyway in hope that someday, somehow, I will receive a $100 check, and when that time comes, the check would be a nice surprise. So far, I have $4.16! Haha! =p
I have encountered better ways to earn through one's blog. But recently, I have discovered a way that is most appealing so far -- ReviewMe.

In ReviewMe, you get paid for blogging about things that you like, which is something we always do anyway. Advertisers ‘ask’ you to review and blog about their products and that’s it! No irrelevant ads or links. No futile waiting for clicks. Just blog and get paid – it’s as simple as that. In fact, just for writing this piece for ReviewMe, I can look forward to an early Christmas treat! =p

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