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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Top 10 things I haven't done so far in my 6 years in UP Diliman

O ha! Sing-haba ng pila sa pagbabayad sa AS lobby noong Thursday afternoon ang title ko, hahaha! =p So this is the inital goodbye-UP post I was talking about just 2 posts ago. Well, it isn't as dramatic or mushy as I said it would be but I figured I'd save that for a March post, hehe! For now, I'll start with something light and amusing. Presenting:

Top 10 things I haven't done so far in my 6 years in UP Diliman -- which I may or may not do before I graduate anyway. Haha! You see, this list consist of staple things that an iskolar ng bayan would NORMALLY do during his stay at the university. Alas, in the true spirit of diversity in UP, I am not able to do all that is in this list. Heck, I don't even want to do some of the things in this list at all.

10 Join a rally.
While sympathize and agree with some of their causes, I don't like tibaks at all, hehe. I just don't like their style -- complain just about everything without offering any realistic solutions, skip classes. Lastly, I have yet to encounter an open-minded hard-core tibak. And when I say open-minded, I don't just necessarily mean someone who shares my opinion. Basta, throwing eggs is just not my cup of tea. =p

9 Make out in the Sunken Garden, Lagoon or an empty AS classroom.
Haha! Asa pa ko! For those who have no idea, the Sunken Garden and the lagoon are UP's own version of a quickie motel, haha! Go figure. So far, I haven't caugh anyone doing it -- whether on the classroom (well, hindi naman kasi ako parang guardiya na nag-roronda diba?), the lagoon or the Sunken Garden. The 'worst' I have seen is just extremely intimate hugging -- the one where you're not sure anymore where the faces of the couples are, all you see are their backs, haha!

8 Finish my enrollment in ONE DAY.
Since I have finished my last enrollment already, this is something I will never experience. Heck, I doubt if any UP student would experience this in their UP lifetime, haha! Well, except maybe during my 1st ever enrollment when I was a freshie. Back then, we didn't have to bother with the enlistment, because our schedules were pre-determined, unlike the poor freshies these days. Early on their UP life, despite the high priority in the CRS, they are already forced to face the tortured that is the UP enrollment week. (Read: with emphasis on 'week').

7 Get published in the Philippine Collegian.
Nyaks! Kahit extra lang sa picture, wala pa! Haha! Well, not that I have passed any artiks or even comments. So I guess this is simply wishful thinking

6 Be a US** or CS*.
My highest Sem GWA was 1.80, back in the 1st sem of my 1st year. From then on, it's been a rolling-down-the-hill ride, haha! =p
*CS stands for 'College Scholar', an academic award given to students who scored a Sem GWA of 1.75-1.45.
**US stands for 'University Scholar', for those with an Sem GWA of 1.44 or higher.

5 Watch a UAAP basketball game live.
As if UP wins most of the time. I am not a big fan of collegiate basketball anyway. I don't even watch the games on Studio 23. But of course, I still celebrate during the rare times that the Maroons win. Especially with the seasons were UP climbed from a 0-6 to a 6-6 record. That's when I start following the games -- when UP has the momentum and is on a sudden-death situation. But alas, whenever I try to catch their game on TV, UP ALWAYS loses.

4 Buy a UP shirt.
So far, I have 5 EEE shirts, 5 Eng'g shirts (including the now notorious Angas shirts, haha!) and 5 org shirts. I used to have a UP jacket, but I lost it at SM North. Good thing the UP Shopping Center will always be open, even for a (future) alumnus like me. =p

3 Eat isaw in front of Kalay or Ilang.
Now this is one of the really famous gimik spots in UP Diliman -- even students from far-flung campuses trek to the isaw stands in front of Kalay and Ilang-Ilang dorms. Even yuppies go there to chill out -- one would see the line of cars leading to these grilling joints, especially in the late afternoon. Anyway, I don't eat isaw. Yuck Rex, ang arte mo! Haha! It's not because it's kadiri, I just have this personal thing about eating isaw. For a clue, read this.

2 Get inside ALL the major buildings in UP.
Now this is something that borders on stupidity and amusement, haha! I mean, come to think of it, in your entire stay in the university, wouldn't be ironic to not be able to enter all the buildings at least once? I mean, it's not the case in elementary or high school where some places are off-limits. Wouldn't be fun to nonchalantly enter all the buildings you haven't been to? In my case, I have yet to enter AIT, Romulo Hall, CFA, Villadolid Hall, MBB, MSI, CSWCD, and Stat (the new building, which was formerly CSWCD). As for the dorms, I haven't been to the open houses of Narra, Sanggumay and Ipil, hehe! =p

1 Wear a sablay in a ceremony.
This entry was supposedly simply 'Wear a sablay'. But then I remembered, I have already worn one -- during my grad pic pictorial. Hehe! So I edited this entry and added 'in a ceremony'. Haay, I can't wait for the time when I would finally and officially wear a sablay and march down the aisle. Woohoo! Malapit na! But before that, I need to finish my last 20 units. Haay! Snap back to reality! Haha! =p

So there! I am through with my list. Hmm, I think I will check this piece again come March 2007, and do a post Top-10 analysis, haha! =p

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