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Saturday, July 01, 2006

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I watched the highly anticipated movie last Wednesday at SM North Edsa with 15 of my Aguman orgmates. Our org decided to watch this movie as an official bonding activity, thus our big number. We had dinner at the foodcourt and we were worth 3 rows of seats on left side of Cinema 4.

So, the all-important question -- was it worth the wait? Frankly, I don't know, haha! The release dates of the first four Superman movies are 1978, 1980, 1983 and 1987. Since I was born in 1984, ibig sabihin noon, isang Superman movie pa lang ang nadatnan ko. I have a vague memory of watching one of these Reeve starrers on Betamax as a child. I can't tell which Superman movie it was. I can't even remember the story! So in short, watching Superman Returns is like a fresh movie for me, I have no point of comparison. Besides, I wasn't exactly waiting for this movie, haha! Having watched a lot of movies in theaters in late May (thus, I've seen its trailer many times as well), I wasn't at all excited on this Superman movie. In my mind, I know I'll be watching it. I just didn't have this I-couldn't-wait-anymore madness, hehe. If watching the movie wasn't an official org activity, I wouldn't watch the movie on its first screening day.

BUT, I did enjoyed the movie. I can't say that I'm a Superman fan, whether it be in movies, cartoons or comics. I didn't even watch Lois & Clark on ABC 5! But I'm a huge Smallville fan. Siguro naman, pwede na iyon, diba? Haha! The adult Clark Kent played by newbie Brandon Routh was a fun watch for me. I don't know, maybe its because, all of a sudden, this Clark Kent has some sense of humor even if Chloe Sullivan's witty sarcasm isn't around to back him up. I can safely say that Routh deserved the part.

As for Kate Bosworth - well, she's pretty. Syempre, yun lang nasabi ko no? Haha! I can't really compare her to Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane, because, like I said, I wasn't into Lois & Clark. But compared to Erica Durance of Smallville, I like Durance more. Si Rosie ng Win A Date With Tad Hamilton ang nakikita ko, hindi si Lois Lane. =p

Ah, James Marsden - poor, poor fellow. Why does he always have to end up the 1st runner-up? Haha! It's The Notebook ending for him all over again. I still wished he still stayed on X3. I can't say this role was worth giving up Cyclops, because they're entirely different characters. Hindi naman kasi siya mutant sa Superman eh. Unless, he becomes a villain in the next Superman movies. Hmmm...


Wimbledon Championships has begun this week -- and I've heard that Andre Agassi is playing albeit for the last time. So I'm trying to reviving my interest on this sport. You see, we had cably TV in the mid 90's. That was when I was exposed to watching tennis on sports channels by my dad. It was the era of Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, Michael Chang, Martina Hingis. Of course, this era was reigned by Pete Sampras. I can't remember why I liked Agassi better. Haha! Eh halos lagi naman natatalo si Agassi kapag kalaban niya si Sampras. Haha!
I have forgotten why I sort of lost touch with this sport. Maybe it started in college, because I couldn't watch the games anymore. We didn't have cable TV in my boarding house then. And so, fast forward to almost a decade later, I'm not aware who are the better players these days. Well, kilala ko naman ang likes nina Hewitt, Henin-Hardinne, Clijsters, Safin, Nadal -- I hear their names on TV from time to time and from my housemate who's a tennis freak, haha! At wag kayo, alive pa pala si Martina Hingis! Too bad, she lost o Sugiyama (I caught the game last night).
Tennis is one sport that I like that I haven't played myself. Hehe. While I am not a sporty person, I do like Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling and Tennis (yeah, the sports that geeks prefer, haha!). I've played all sports myself except for Tennis. It's kinda ironic because we have these 2 graphite rackets at our cabinet. Kailan ko kaya sila magagamit? Pang-mayaman na sport kasi to eh! Hehe!


Ha! Picture a person who thinks drinking the night away is no fun at all. In times of problems, while most people would invite friends to binge on drinks with them, he'd rather binge on chocolates and delicious food to cushion his depression. Well, the person you're picturing is me, hehe!

Hindi talaga ako mahilig sa inuman. Why? Kasi mapait! Haha! Pero nakainom na rin naman ako - beer, beer lite (haha!), mga gin with some juice with it. Alcohol is not the issue for me, it's the taste that bothers me. For as long as the alcoholic drink tastes good, I would want to drink it, hehe.

So there, I've never been drunk in my life. But last Thursday, I think I was close to being one. Nag-Emperador kami ng mga orgmates ko. Haha! Wow, that's something not even the people closest to me couldn't imagine me doing. Well, yeah, my head was already aching, but I was still sober -- alam ko pa ang sinasabi ko, at nakakalakad pa ako ng diretso. I give credit to my Dizon genes -- lahi kasi kami ng mga tomador. Though I haven't exactly exercised the hereditary skill, haha!

Yun lang, just wanna share I did an outrageous thing this week. Sorry kung medyo corny, pero para sa katauhan ko, outrageous na iyon. At ako pa nag-yaya na uminom - pero Vodka Mudshake ang niyaya ko ha, hindi yung Emperador. Trips lang talaga siya. There was no occasion, no celebration, no problems to talk about. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

Weird nga eh, because this morning I woke up with a headache. I can't think of any reason why. Siguro, delayed ang hangover ko? Haha

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