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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogs Galore! 9

Since grade school, I have been often teased for having a name that is one syllable short of sharing a name with one of the most famous sex writer in the Philippines. "Sir Rex! Sir Rex", my pervert classmates would call me. Yep, they were perverts for me, haha! Come on! How could a grade school student be familiar with a famous sex writer if you weren't, right? Well, our Araling Panlipunan teacher are partially to be blamed, haha! They were the ones who required us to bring Filipino newspapers to school. But at that time, there was no decent newspaper printed in Filipino. Abante and Bulgar were the usual suspects. Xerex was on Abante and the author of Totoy Mola was (wait, should I use the past tense? Baka kasi up to now ay hindi pa tapos ang story. I happened to read its 1st four 'episodes' because of this news reading exercise we had for AP, haha!) Bulgar.

If you were the unsure type back in 4th year high school, you must be very familiar with personality or career tests. You know, they're the tests you take in order to help you decide on what career you'll choose to pursue in college. Well, good thing Ms Tua, our high school guidance counselor was very helpful. She annually held series of career talks for us seniors. She also made us take a number personality tests. Back in HS senior year, it was a time when I was just starting to surf the internet, so I was obviously so amazed of these online personality tests. Even though I was so sure that Computer Engineering / Information Technology was what I wanted to take, I was curious so I took a test that would tell me what career path I should take.
The result? It said that I should either be a social worker or a college professor! Bwahaha! I just laughed the results of, haha! There was no way I would rethink my college application forms. =p

So what's up with all this crap about me being a 'teacher'? Well, don't get me wrong, I have absolute respect for teachers. It's just that I couldn't imagine myself being a teacher. Back in high school, I didn't have the homey, humble and approachable aura that I believe teachers should have.
I did sign up for Cathecism at school, though. But the only reason I signed up was because all the honor students (actually, pati yung mga epal lang talaga, hehe) were also signing up. I didn't want to be left out on the extra-co-curricular grade (yeah, I must admit, I was that grade-conscious back then, =p). I did enjoy the sessions with the public elementary students. There were some naughty ones, but the cute, eager and enthusiastic ones more than make up for them.
Last Saturday, I was the English Instructor / Reviewer at our org's College Entrance Exam Review (CEER). Imagine, I received the same certificate and ate the same free lunch with the other instructors / reviewers who had various awards and experiences on their belts! The credentials they announced when they introduced me sure wasn't at par with the others, haha! =P

*Senior Computer Engineering student

*President, UP Aguman, AY 2003-2004
*EIC, Aslag, AY 2002-2003 to AY 2004-2005
*One of the Top 150 Filipino bloggers in the world

The 'awww' from the 4th year kids came after the 4th piece of information, haha! Anyabang ko eh no? You must be thinking, "instructor nga, delayed naman!" haha!
I'm currently #145 on Pinoy Top Blogs and #72 on Pinoy Top 100, that's why I was able to proclaim that I'm "one of the Top 150 Filipino bloggers in the world". Kayo naman, pagbigyan niyo na ako. =p
I actually enjoyed it! I liked the feeling when kids look at you, listen to what you have to say, wanting to learn. Now I know where the 'college professor' bit back in high school came from. =p

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