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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pasta #51

Yesterday was a milestone in my life. Haha! It’s because I cooked spaghetti sauce for my organization’s Acquaintance Party this evening.

So what’s the big fuss? After all, I am 21 years old. I'm supposed to be old enough to know how to cook. Plus, I'm a Kapampangan, I'm supposed to be good at cooking.

Ironically, I'm already 21 and I've just started learning how to decently cook rice. And even if my blood containes genes famous for its propensity to expert cooking, sometimes, I even burn my cheesedogs, haha!

It’s not the first time I’ll cook spaghetti for Aguman. I already did it at our swimming party last summer. But then, I cooked at home and with MUCH help from my sister. Sus, kung tutuusin nga, halus siya na nagluto, haha! But even if she obliged even the stirring chores, I observed fervently, hoping that the next time, I can do it myself. Well, the chance came today.

My orgmates were all praises for the spaghetti sauce I semi-cooked last May that they requested another serving for our Acquaintance Party. But this time is different, I would have to cook it myself, here at Quezon City.

So before I left home (Pampanga) yesterday, I asked my sister to list the ingredients and the procedure. I thought to myself, it should be no problem. All I have to do is follow the instructions by the letter. I will be fine. (Mind you this confident person I'm talking about is such an amateur that his cooking experience only include hotcakes, hotdogs, cheesedogs, nuggets, sunny-side-up fried eggs).

After my classes, I excitedly went to SM North EDSA to buy the ingredients. In my mind, I was elatedly thinking of what extra stuff I’d put in my spaghetti sauce in order to make it more special.

So what happened? Well, I followed the instructions by the letter. Ultimo asin, kinutsara ko pa talaga, para lang masigurado na 1 kutsara lang ang malagay ko, haha! Trouble was simmering (haha! literally!) when I noticed that my sauce is quite pale and it doesn’t seem to be thick enough. Good thing Porshe, an HRIM junior, was there to offer some insights for a solution, haha! Dinagdagan namin ng tomato sauce and we added cornstarch. Eventually, we were able to remedy the consistency of our sauce. We asked the other housemate to taste it and we got good initial reviews, haha!

Since it had a lot of personal ingredients, I'm not sure if I can still say that my sauce is Italian style, sweet style or garlic & onion in flavor. So, Porshe and I decided to name our sauce Pasta #51. Haha! After the house number of their apartment, where I cooked the sauce.

Fingers crossed until dinntertime today, when we will serve the spaghetti and let the whole Aguman and all other Kapampangans in UP Diliman try our humble masterpiece, haha!

Babalitaan ko kayo kung anong mangyayari. Sana naman, wala kaming isusugod sa hospital after, haha! =p

UPDATE: Masarap daw yung Pasta #51 namin, hehe. Ansaya ko! Haha! Can I finally call myself a cook, since I've satisdied more than 30 people with my cooking? Hehe. Kakatuwa nga eh, napabilib pa namin sila sa presentation! They even wanted to snob the main course which was fried chicken for the spaghetti. They were all waiting for the spaghetti to be served. Kaso naubusan ng styro plates. Guess what they did? They improvised! They used the plastic cups which was intended for the juice instead. Haha! Oha, ganoon nila kagusto matikman yung spaghetti, hehe. Geesh, my ego is so big right now! I need to deflate it.. =p

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