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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tagged!... Yet again (Part 1)

To my avid readers, eto, finally a new post! Haha! =p Well, I know you missed me (feeling, hehe), na-miss ko rin naman kayo. F*ck kasi, sira yung telephone cord ko sa apartment! Hindi man lang ako makapag-connect to at least upload some updates. Oh well.

The truth is, I've been itching to blog the whole week. But now that I've finally had time, I don't even know what to share. So I decided to answer the long overdue chain tag by Jigs. I'm supposed to enumerate 10 simple pleasures in life. Hmm, ano nga ba...

1. Old friends. After all, the person who forced me to do this chain tag is an old friend, haha! I've known Jigs for a total of 8 years now. Even if I decided to study in Manila, we still managed to keep in touch, especially when we see each other every few months. Plus, just a few moments ago, I accompanied my friend of 9 years and his sister inquire about MBA requirements here at UP. So ayun, tourist guide mode ako kanina, haha!

2. A soft cold breeze. The weather today has been crazy! Before I woke up, it rained hard (around 7am). But when I went out of the house to attend my class, it was already sunny! Then after my class, it was raining hard again! I was almost dripping wet when I met my old friend this afternoon. After that, it was sunny again. Then after we finished inquiring at CBA, it rained hard again!! Arrgh! When it was time for them to go, it was sunny again. Putek, nakakabaliw! Haha! So as of this moment, it's cloudy (as in the dark nimbus clouds, hehe) and windy. I'm sitting by the window at the 4th floor of the EEE building and I'm loving the soft cold breeze.

3. MP3s. Sandali lang, 'simple pleasure' ba ito? Haha! Oh sige, let's just say 'Music'. I suppose even the masa has access to music, hehe. So there, big deal talaga para sa akin ang music. I can live without TV at our apartment but I can't live without music. Kaya nga naman nakakailang MP3 player na ako eh! Haha!

4. Playing with my nephews. Ha! Now this is saying something. Firstly, I'm not a kid person. Not that I hate kids, but I'm not the type who gets so excited when I see cute babies / kids. But playing with my 3 nephews is priceless. Ewan ko ba, I so hate them lalu na kapag nagkakalat sila sa kwarto ko o kaya kapag maingay at magulo sila. But playing with them is another story. Favorite game namin ay pillow fight. Imagine a 21-year-old throwing pillows at kids aged 5, 6 & 8 and vice versa. Haha! Obvious naman na talo sila diba. Pero ayun, enjoy na enjoy sila kapag natatamaan nila ako.

5. Chocolates. Syempre, maaari ba namang mawala ito sa listahan ng kingofchocolates? Haha! Of course, I have my favorite classy chocolates like praline and truffles. Pero napagtitiyagaan ko na ang mga tig-pipiso tulad ng Vital or Chocnuts, Mik-Mik, Curly Tops / Flat Tops, etc. Minsan talaga, kahit mura, masarap pa rin talaga.

Sheet! Ang hirap pala mag-isip ng simple pleasures in life! Haha! Not that my life lacks pleasurable things ha. Nahihirapan ako mag-isip kung ano ang pleasurable pero simple lang. Next time na lang yung 5! Hehe..

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