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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The S-word

I'm sure that when someone says the F-word, you know which word that person was referring to. It's widely accepted to be a very vulgar word, especially not suitable for children, right? So we just retain the first letter and scratch everything else whenever we have to mention it.

We are not supposed to use these words, but we always utter them anyway. F*ck.. sh*t.. bullsh*t.. p*ta.. g*go. Haha! I for one sometimes use the word sh*t or d*mn just for expression. It's not like I would shout at somebody who pissed me, "G*go ka!" I find it amusingly ironic that we don't always use the words / phrases that we are supposed to say all the time. I love you.. thanks.. I miss you.. sorry. In fact, it's so easy to say the vulgar words but it always takes so much for us to say the well-meaning ones. Think about it -- you can easily curse your anger away, but you can't even tell a loved one how much they mean to you without summoning enough courage to get over the awkwardness and mushiness of the situation.

Just recently, someone who used to be a good friend said the sorry to me. And damn! It feels so good and vindicating! Haha! It's amazing how one word could affect your whole day on a positively weird manner. You see, I didn't expect it at all. After waiting for months on end for it, I have accepted that it will never come. After the hearing the s-word, I entered into a state of shock. I was trying to grasp the gravity of what just happened.

As Blue and Elton John used to sing, sorry seems to be the hardest word. And I so agree. It takes so much humility, pride, courage, maturity and strong sense of what is right to be able to say sorry to someone you've offended big time. And for what happened, I now have a renewed respect for this old friend of mine. His apology was actually so late that I actually felt there was no need anymore -- I have decided to put the issue behind me long ago. I'm actually wondering and suspicious of the timing, haha! I mean come on! Kahit kayo naman magtataka diba, bakit ngayon lang? What made him do it all this time!

Whatever his reasons are, I'm glad nevertheless that he finally found his balls to do it. I knew it, some boys will grow into men eventually.

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