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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The early bird doesn't necessarily catches the 1st worm!

The time was 6.10pm, and it's almost 2 hours into an exam that is scheduled from 4.15-7.15pm. There are only 3 problems all in all in the exam, and I have finished trying to answer them. Note that the operative word is "trying", haha! Seated at one of the back rows of the auditorium, I was looking at my younger classmates and wondered, "Bakit ako kaninang 5.30pm pa tapos, bakit sila, sagot pa rin nang sagot?!"

Anyway, it's not like I'm trying to brag here or what. I mean come on! It's my 3RD to take this subject (EEE 53), it's my freaking 3RD time to take this exam! Harhar! So I guess, it's just natural and logical that I finish way ahead of my classmates who are mainly composed of engineer-wannabes from up to 2 batches younger than me, hehe.

Anyway, kidding aside, I'm really amazed at how I always finish my exams considerably ahead of the time. Of course, it does not always follow that I am ABLE to answer the exam questions, hehe. It's usually 1 of 2 cases:

Case 1: No matter how hard I try to extract the intellectual juices in my brain, I can't seem to know how to solve the problems. So what's the point of staying around when I can use the free time to mourn my exam and indulge myself in anti-depressant activities, right? Haha! Dumarating talaga yung oras na kailangan na talagang isuko ang laban.

Case 2: I am able to answer a considerable part of the exam, which means I'm going to pass it for sure. But it really feels weird whenever I feel like the exam is relatively easy or manageable, (so naturally, I would finish early), and yet my more intelligent classmates are still working their fingers and pens out, scribbling their answers on their respective papers.
Nakaka-ligalig talaga kapag feeling ko na parang ako lang yata ang nadalian, haha!

By the way, more often than not, in Engineering, it's case 1 for me! Haha!

Despite finishing early most of the time, I don't always submit my papers as soon as I'm through. I don't want to be the first to stand up and submit his papers. Iba kasi yung dating kapag may tumayo na at nag-submit diba? Kung hindi ka pa tapos, mapapaisip ka, "Tapos na siya! Bakit ako hindi pa?!" Anyway, when you're the first to submit your papers, either wala ka nang masagot or magaling ka at kaagad ka lang talaga natapos. I don't want to give my classmates an opportunity to judge me, hehe, so I always wait for someone else. Kaya ayun, madalas, ako yung 2nd na nagpapass. Haha!

So what do I do to kill time while waiting for the 1st brave soul to submit his papers? Nagrarandom ako sa calculator kung papasa ako or hindi. Unfortunately, I don't keep a record on how many times my calculator accurately predicts the outcome, hehe. Sayang! =p

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