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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Buddy Tree

Last Thursday, Aguman had its Buddy Bidding for its application process for this sem. As part of the Memcomm, I took charge of the event. I wanted to put a sort of twist to it, so I thought I would prepare a powerpoint presentation of the buddy trees in our org. You see, as buddy-mems, we call our buddy-apps as our 'children', considering that we are the one who take care of them during their app process and make sure they become responsible members eventually.

And in my 5 years in the organization, here's my buddy tree.

As the tree shows, lagi akong nagba-buddy every year, hehe. Ako pa naman, kina-career ko talaga ang pagba-buddy.I don't know why, but I just find fulfillment in helping someone out. More than the buddy write-up or the buddy gift I get to receive in the end, it just really feels good whenever I'm able to see my buddy-app through the hard Aguman application process until the end.

It's my last year sa org, and in what could be my last chance to experience the application process as a member, I decided to not have a buddy for a numbe of reasons. First, Memcomm ako eh, I'm supposed to be the surrogate buddy of all the apps. Second (and its actually the main reason, hehe), I feel like I've done my part. I confidently feel that I've payed forward what my buddy-mem did for me when I was the applicant.

Anyway, what is this post for? Haha! Nothing important really. I just miss my own buddies. As you can see, 2 have already graduated (cum laude pa silang pareho). Nauna pa sila sa akin, haha! Sakto, dumalaw sa UP si Dawn kahapon.

Since I'm one of the older and most senior mems in the org right now, everyone calls me 'Kuya Rex'. Being a bunso in the family, I've always liked being called a 'kuya'. But in my Aguman family, the feeling is different whenever someone calls me 'buddy!'. It feels better, way, way better. And that's what I miss the most. =)

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