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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do I look like the marrying type already?

As I walked home from school (my exam in ME 63 was cancelled due to suspension of classes),I noticed around 5 women with similar vests walking the streets, handing out flyers despite the rain. Obviously, this was another promo by the city goverment. I didn't care much about it because I was busy thinking how lucky I am my exam got cancelled and how I will spend my afternoon. Besides, I'm not a registered citizen of Quezon City anyway.

All of a sudden, one of the women handed me a flyer. The fact that she was walking on the opposite side of the street and she went out of her way to hand me the flyer proves that she really thought I might be interested on what the flyer offers, diba?

The flyer said:

Isang serbisyong pagmamahal handog ni

Mahal kong mamayan ng ika-apat na distrito:

Isang tunay na pagkalinga, pagmamahal at buong puso kong inihahandog para sa mamamayan ng ika-apat na distrito ang ika-17 na LIBRENG KASALANG BAYAN na gaganapin sa Sto Domingo Parish, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City sa darating na November 4, 2006...

Judging from the pictures on my flickr badge on my left side panel, do I look like someone who would be interested on mass church weddings?! Grabe naman, alam kong nagmukha akong matanda sa dami ng pimples ko ngayon, pero mukha na ba akong mag-aasawa? Haha! Besides, no offense to couples who avail of these, but aren't these mass church weddings for those who are not so financially capable of having a wedding of their own and for those unwed couples who've been living together for years? Mukha ba akong may ka-live-in at ayaw magpakasal kasi namamahalan ako sa pagpapakasal? Haha! Alam kong haggard-looking ako kanina dahil sa puyat, pero hindi naman ako dugyutin, noh! Ni wala nga akong gelpren eh!

If it were a FREE LOVERS service, I would've went straight to the Quezon City Hall, haha! At least diba, free na, wala nang ligawan pa, kami na agad! =p

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