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Friday, May 26, 2006

I can control the weather! =p

Yesterday, the only thing that saved my day after Katharine’s loss on American Idol was the prospect of watching X-Men 3: The Last Stand. And wow, the film so delivered! Haha! I watched it with some friends and my nephew. While we were viewing the trailers before the movie, I realized that I watched the first X-Men movie way back in 2000 in the same theatre where we were – Jade Cinema at Jenra Mall (Angeles City). I was with some classmates and a teacher. No, we weren’t cutting classes, hehe. We just finished competing in the annual Math Olympiad (which I lost, hehe) and so as a sort of reward, our teacher-coach treated us to a movie. Talk about being nostalgic, haha!

You see, I’ve been an X-Men fan since I was small. Well, I never read a single edition of the original comic version, but I was religiously watching the Fox cartoon series on ABS-CBN every Friday at 7pm. Oh diba, alam na alam ko pa iyung sked! Haha! Syempre, X-Men was part of my weekend routine. Given its timeslot, it signals the start of a much-awaited weekend after 5 days of school. Syempre ulit, kapag bata ka eh, puro bakasyon pa ang nasa isip mo. Saturdays are always play-days. And for sure, the first thing me and my playmates along our street discuss on Saturday morning is the previous night’s episode of the uncanny X-Men. As a child I was also 'wasted' a parcel of my allowance on X-Men cards that you can buy for P2 per 3 pieces from the vendors just outside the school gates. May cheese curls pa yon ha! =p

As children, is it possible that we won't play-pretend that we were mutants and that we were the X-Men? Hell not! Haha! RJ was Professor X – I guess it’s perfect, considering he’s the sort of leader of our group, and the fact that we always play in front of their house. Plus, when it comes to our games, may it be touching ball, 21 or hide-and-seek, he was always the good one. Louie was Wolverine – he had the shortest temper among us, he was the tallest he was always the one willing to climb fences or the roof during our games, hehe. In short, he the most rugged personality among us. Noli was Beast – I'm the most intelligent in our group since I was the only honor student, but Noli was always the one coming up with ‘techie gadgets’ and toys like mini-electric fans and what-have-yous that he puts together with only the stuff at his father’s garage. Some are even battery-operated, haha! Chris was Cyclops – I guess because I could say he was ‘second-in-command’. His brother Owen was Colossus – funny how I remember that he was the thinnest among us. Junel was Gambit – I can't really remember specifically why, maybe because it’s in their terrace where we always play card games and other stuff, hehe.

You were probably wondering which mutant I was. Nyaks! It was pretty embarrassing, actually. You see, I was the last one to join our barkada. So you could just imagine that if it were a theatre play, I was the one left with the part that nobody else wants to play. If you’re an X-Men fan, you probably noticed that there are no male mutants left for me to play. Haha!

Personally, Professor X was my favorite, because as a kid, I’d rather use my mind, typically what you’ll expect from a nerd. Hehe. But there’s no way that I could bully RJ from giving me the role of Professor X. I didn’t want Jean Grey nor Rogue because that meant I’d be ‘in-love’ with Chris or Junel. I didn’t want Jubilee either because she was the weakest in the TV series. Morph would’ve been my last option for a male role, right? But then again, Morph had very serious issues in the cartoon series. So I chose Storm. =p She had interesting powers and besides, she also had this leader quality in her. Kesa naman sa mere mortal lang ako each time na maglalaro kami ng X-Men-Xmenan diba? Ayoko naman maging kalaban.

Anyway, I don’t intend to share what I saw in the movie. Besides, this movie is so worth your money unlike The Da Vinci Code – to think that the movies franchise not even faithful to the comics in terms of its major plots. What can I say this if you were the same kid as I am who looked forward to Fridays because of the X-Men cartoon, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. Despite, uhm, its sad ending. Not that it has a sad ending *wink wink*. I used the phrase ‘sad ending’ because this is the last X-Men movie. Haay, just when almost all the my favorite characters have appeared. =’(

This day in 2005: From QC, I went home to Pampanga at 6am just to watch the Results Finale of American Idol. Worth it naman kasi nanalo ang bet ko na si Carrie Underwood. Tapos lumuwas din ako ulit in the afternoon, kasi mayroon pa akong project na tinatapos.. Haay, the things I do for American Idol.. Hehe.. =p

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