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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Top 10 Signs You're a Blog* Addict!

* pertains to personal blogs

1 You personalize your template. This is the first sign of addiction. Kasi syempre, gusto mo kakaiba ang blog mo. Gusto mo na sa buong mundo, wala kang kapareho na layout. Kamusta naman diba, kung alam na alam ng readers mo na default ang template mo. Ni hindi mo pa nga naedit iyung mga Link-Me sa sidebar mo eh, haha!

2 Isn’t it a shame if you spend all night tinkering with your blog contents, if no one would read about it? So there, you rummage around the whole internet for blog directories and traffic exchange services for the much-wanted readers. Andiyan ang Blog Explosion, Bloggernity, Globe of Blogs, Blogwise, Blogazoo, Pinoy Top Blogs, Blog Mo Blog Ko Blog Nating Lahat. Lahat na lang pinapatos mo at rineregister mo ang blog mo.

3 You always visit and check out other people’s blogs, even if you don’t know them. You consider blogging as a great way to meet other people, kahit through the internet lang. So kung may time ka rin lang, lagi mong sinisilip iyung mga blogs ng kung sinu-sino sa mga tagboards ng mga blogging friends mo. Wala naman mawawala sa iyo eh, it’s also a way to get other people check back on your own blog, diba?

4 Ika nga ni Mikmik, mahirap mag-maintain ng blog. Of course, you have to be able to post regularly if you want regular readers. So kahit ano na lang ay pinopost mo. For example, you blog about your stupid classmates, about PBB Teen Edition (and because of that, your blog turns up a lot of times on Google due to your keyword-rich posts on PBBTE), about your day’s happenings, etc. Try checking the dates of your posts. If there’s you can't find a time period wherein you didn’t post for more than 3 consecutive days, addict ka talaga.

5 By definition, a blog is a simple web journal. In a nutshell, an online diary of just about anything. Blogging should be as simple as you post, other people read, other people comment. Tama? Nah. Syempre, mayroon ka pang tagboard / shoutbox. Mayroon ka pang poll question on the side, horoscope sa other side, word of the day sa taas, guestmaps sa ilalim, pictures at kung anu-ano pang artsy fancy features to make your blog unique but still fun to read. Parang bahay lang yan eh, gusto mo, naiimpress mo ang mga bisita mo sa bahay mo.

6 So now, you blog regularly and you’ve found new friends who regularly visit your blog. Whoopie! But it doesn’t end there. The unique visitors, the links followed, the return-on-site stats – all these parameters matter. Aminin mo, you get all perky when you see that your hits counter increased 20+ overnight. Then you check your website monitor to discover that you’ve just had your first visitors from Puerto Rico, Morocco, Fiji and Costa Rica. Ola bongga, diba! Haha! =)

7 You always check your comments. Naturally, you want to hear what other people have to say on the topics you’ve blogged about. Hindi yata masyadong happy kung NR sila sa mga musings or thoughts mo, diba. More often, these simple comments morph into conversations – a great way to know each other better as people.

8 A lot of us use pseudonyms / pennames / nicknames on our blogs. Syempre, since your blog is a piece of yourself for all the internet world to see, I'm sure pinag-isipan mo nan maigi ang blog address, blog title at blog description mo. You tried your best to make sure it represents you adequately. Kaya naman, your friends in the blogosphere know you by your blog name. Kapag maganda and catchy ang blog name mo, may recall. At kapag may recall, babalik at babalik ang mga tao to read it. And before you know it, blogging superstar ka na! =p

9 Shoutboxes or tagboards are well, for shout-outs and short tags. But then again, alam mong blog addict ka when you and your friends in the real world (na incidentally ay may mga blogs din) have conversation on each other’s shoutboxes. At hindi lang sila mga simpleng hi or hello ah. Para namang hindi kayo araw-araw na nagkikita. O kaya naman, mga bagay na pwede mo naming itext pero dinadaan sa shoutbox – kasi alam mo na mababasa at mababasa ito ng mga kaibigan mo. Addicts kasi kayong lahat eh! =p

10 This for me is the ultimate sign of addiction. You can't keep your mind off your blog. It’s like you’re thinking of something to blog about, whenever, wherever! For example, you’re watching a movie then CHING! (sound of a bulb that lights up, geesh, kung may sound man siya!) I’ll blog about it! Nasa tricycle ka pauwi sa bahay niyo, tapos may nakita kang mga aso na naghahabulan sa daan, CHING! Ibablog ko to mamya! It’s a daily duty for you to always come up with something to blog about. Kung dati, when something happens, you can't wait to call up some friends and tell them about it. Now, you can't wait to get online and blog about it for the whole world to know! Kasi nga, addict ka!

Thanks to Anton De Leon (from iblog2) for some ideas on some of the entries on this Top 10.

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