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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blogs Galore! 4

This is my 48th post and the 4th of my Blogs Galore! series. It's actually an excuse on lack of better and more coherent things to blog about, ahehe!


Okay, in a few hours, it's going the be the Top 3 in American Idol. Geesh. I'm really all excited and all nervous. This is the thing about me, I get too attached to the people I watch on TV. I really feel affected if something happens to them, especially with singing contests like American Idol. For example, I was really upset that Aicelle lost Pinoy Pop Superstar. I don't really follow the show, because 1) it's on GMA 7 -- Kapamilya ako eh, ahihi!, 2) I don't like the contestants -- except for Aicelle though, damn! The girl has pipes! & 3) I don't like the way the show is produced! Anyway, Aicelle should've saved PPS from local singing contests oblivion. But alas, they chose Gerald over her. Too bad for them. Anyway, back to Idol stuff. So there, I hope and pray that Katharine McPhee and Elliott Yamin will outperform Taylor Hicks. Because if not, it's going to be a sad day for me on Thursday. There's a rumor that people from outside the US can connect through the voting phone lines but these votes would eventualy be cancelled because they can detect non-US votes through the area codes. How about trying to call on Taylor's lines so that it gets busy and US voters wouldn't be able to vote? Bwahaha! *Evil laugh!* See, sabi ko sa inyo eh. Baliw talaga ako pagdating sa mga ganito.. haha!


I checked my blog monitor a while ago and I clicked the 'Top Requests' statistic. This indicator enables me to measure the efficiency of my indexing effort and to optimize it thanks to the queries which have been spontaneously used by the users in order to access my site. It also enables me to evaluate the rational behind the visits to my site. (Okay, I took the last two sentences from monitor, that's why it's so technical!). Out of 80 queries on search engines, more than 20 are Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition related! Looks like PBBTE is quite popular. Halos lahat tungkol kay Kim, Aldred, Jamilla and Gerald! Some of the queries indicate that these people are looking for pictures of the teen housemates! Sorry na lang, walang pics ang blog ko, hehe. Other query topics include Ma. Theresa Pangilinan (the CSU student who heckled PGMA during their graduation), MPIO FY600, Sitti's Para Sa Akin (must have came from my About Me content in my sidebar). Anyway, I have a few strange queries: epal exam blog, UP Diliman wushu, Filipino debutante speeches, pizza recipe, pinoy cellphone green jokes, tot, pampanga phonebook and (this really shocked me in a funny way) -- the buzz interview on james yap and kris aquino! Haha! Alam kong napanood ko ito pero I don't remember mentioning Kris Aquino and/or James Yap in one of my blogs. Did I? =p


As you can see, I have finally decided to use Haloscan's and Blogrolling services. Ewan, almost everyone else is using haloscan eh. Tapos, naaliw ako sa link list ni Rob. Kasi nakaindicate kung sinu-sino ang mga may bagong post. Haha! Gaya gaya talaga! Pasensya na, blog addict talaga ako. Medyo weird nga naman when one views my comments, sobrang out of place ang default blogger LAF. Ahehe. Well, it's not to say that my current Haloscan template is in tune with my main blog's colors and layout. Hindi ko pa siya masyado nakalikot. Give me time, medyo may mas importante akong kailangang gawin this week. In the first place, dapat 1 hour ago ko pa ginawa iyon! Pakshet! tapusin ko na nga itong post na ito! =p

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