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Monday, May 22, 2006

Top 10 Most Played Songs on My Winamp

Not to be mistaken with my favorite songs of all-time, because I’ll never finish that list if ever. Hehe! These are the Top 10 most played songs in my Winamp Library since December 2005. My laptop came in December 2005, kaya kakainstall lang ng Winamp ko noon. Hay naku, wala na naman kasi akong maisip. Haha!

10 MYMP – If You Asked Me To (Live)
Number of times played: 82
Date added to my library: March 19, 2006

I've already forgotten how I got interested on the original version of this song. I must've heard it on the radio somewhere. Ganoon kasi ako eh, when I hear a nice song anywhere, I make a mental note to download it the next time I go online. I downloaded Celine Dion’s version first. Then a few days after, I learned na mayroong version ang MYMP from the live album. So there, wala naman siyang masyadong senti value. Kahit na luma na siya, okay pa rin. Ganoon talaga siguro kapag tumatanda ka na. Mga luma ang trips mong pakinggan, haha!

I said Id never let nobody near my heart again darling
I said Id never let nobody in
But if you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever

9 KAMIKAZEE – Narda (Acoustic)
Number of times played: 86
Date Added: February 27, 2006
First heard the song from Kuya Argel himself at our apartment. Kinakanta niya ito one night. Then the following Sunday, Kamikazee performed it on ASAP Banda Republic. I didn’t expect I’d like it, knowing it’s from Kamikazee. The last Kamikazee song I liked was Chicksilog pa! Then I got the Acoustic version from Kuya Argel din. And I like it better. Mas nakakatuwa pa iyun video, especially with the beach scenes. However, my roommate Renz prefers the original with all its guitars and drums glory. In fact, the intro of the song was my message alert tone during March. Every month kasi nagpapalit ako. Ang arte eh no? Hehe! =p

Ang swerte nga naman ni Ding, Lagi ka niyang kapiling
Kung ako sa kanya, liligawan na kita
Mapapansin kaya, sa dami ng iyong ginagawa
Kung kaagaw ko ang lahat, may pag-asa bang makilala ka

8 LEMAR – What About Love
Number of times played: 92
Date Added: March 18, 2006

Isn't this song so lovely? Grabe, makabagbag-damdamin naman talaga ang melody niya. Hindi naman ata siya sikat sa MTV at MYX eh, so I haven't seen the video. Kasali ito sa Dreamsounds 3 kaya pinapatugtog sa radio. I remember Mikai when I hear the song. Kasi pinadownload niya sa akin ito at naiiyak siya every time she hears it. Hihi! In fairness, 2 weeks na siyang background music the mga commercial ng Sharon, haha! =p

What about love?
What about feeling?
What about all the things that make life worth living?
What about faith?
What about trust?
And tell me baby...what about us?

7 NIKKI GIL – If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight
Number of times played: 94
Date Added: December 24, 2005

First saw it on MYX. Anlamig talaga ng boses ni Nikki Gil. Revival pala ito no? Hehe. I like the rhythm so much but I don’t understand the meaning of the song. Haha! Ano, gusto ba niya ang lalaki o hindi? Ewan ko, parang nagpapakipot na naguguluhan yata si Nikki Gil. I've been advised by other girls… haha! Sounds family! =p

'Cause I've been advised by other guys
You've left behind
Your goodbyes are somewhat unrefined
But if I play my role just right
Tonight could be my lucky night
And you could be mine

Number of times played: 102
Date Added: March 5, 2005

First saw it on MYX as well. No particular attachment to this song, either. Wala ring sentimental value. I think it’s well written though. Ang hirap mag sing-along sa kantang to, kasi halos falsetto.

I was damaged by the fall
Got the wind knocked out on me
To be standing here at all
I must be invincible
I thought that i would break
But now I have come to see
Something strong and beautiful inside of me
I must be invincible

5 YASMEEN – When Will It Be Me
Number of times played: 118
Date Added: January 21, 2006
Porshe asked me to download this song. Another mushy song from Dreamsounds. And I ended up liking it so much! It’s practically my anthem song for February. One time I played it 10 times, over and over again. It’s actually the theme song of my life. Haha!

The guy who never gets the right girl
Tell me why
When there's so much I've got to give
I wake up reaching out in the night
Ready to hold him tight
Til I realize
That nobody is there

Number of times played: 122
Date Added: January 28, 2006
Mikai told me to download this. When I hear it, it’s Toni Gonzaga, Piolo Pascual, Luis Manzano and Sam Milby that comes to mind. Haha! Kinanta kasi nila to sa ASAP sa kanilang Pacquiao Victory Party. Sarap sa tenga ng kantang to, kahit na paulit-ulit lang ang lyrics. Talagang desperado sa paghahanap eh no. Haha!

Where is she, where is she
Where is this beautiful girl
Who is she, who is she
who's gonna complete my world

3 SAM MILBY – Close To You
Number of times played: 140
Date Added: January 28, 2006

Ah, that Close-up song! Yeah yeah I know, jologs na kung jologs ang kanta kasi si Sam Milby. Haha! Eh sa maganda naman talaga ang kanta eh, kahit noon sa commercial pa lang. Ito pa nga message alert tone ko for February eh. Nga pala, I watched the movie alone, hehe. Almost a month after its 1st showing day. Naghihintay ako ng kasama manood (kahit Platonic date, hehe.. ). In the end, ako rin pa lang mag-isa ang manonood. =p

Oh why don't you smile my only star
Shine on baby
Smile my only star
Smile my only star

Number of times played: 159
Date Added: March 18, 2006
Now, this song is my message alert tone for April. Hindi ko alam bakit gusting-gusto ko tong kantang ito. Maybe it’s the angst in the song. Iyung tipong pinapaalis mo ang mga masasamang espiritu sa paligig-ligid. Haha! Enough said. =p

So, before you start defendin'
Baby, stop all your pretendin'
I know you know I know
So what's the point in being slow
Let's get the show on the road today

If you don't have the answer
Why you still standing here
Hey, hey, hey
Just walk away

1 CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Jesus Take The Wheel
Number of times played: 162
Date Added: December 11, 2005

Geez, eto ang theme song ko lately. Hehe. December ko pa nadownload to, pero ngayon lang sumikat. Kasi naman pala, ngayon pa lang siya rinelease sa US. At #1 Country Single pa siya ah! I was actually surprised it was a hit on MYX, considering it was a country song and it had ‘Jesus’ on its title. Wala lang, I didn’t think that a Christian Country song would appeal to mainstream pop music fans. Go Carrie! Go Katharine! Haha! May commercial? Haha! =p Actually #2 lang talaga ito eh. Pero since I played its live performance from one of the episodes on American Idol, 20 times, natalo pa niya si Kelly Clarkson.

And for the first time in a long time
She bowed her head to pray
She said I'm sorry for the way
I've been living my life
I know I've got to change
So from now on tonight
Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this all my own
I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I'm on

In case curious kayo the rest of the Top 20 ay: Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts, Ne-Yo - So Sick, Rob Thomas - Ever The Same, Maria Mena - You're The Only One, Sugababes - Red Dress, Sugababes - Push The Button, Hale - Kung Wala Ka, Craig David - Unbelievable, Pussycat Dolls - Stick Wit You & Bamboo - Truth.

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